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Nickname Dave
Sex Male
Home Austin, TX
Favorite episode Nothing to Hide
Favorite character Mohinder
Least favorite character Peter "Mary Sue" Petrelli
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About Me

Hi there!

Before you ask, no, my username isn't something kinky. It's an anagram.

My name is Dave and I'm from Austin, TX. I'm a recent law school graduate. Some other places to find me on the Internet:

...all under the same username. The only place I use a different username is on TOW where I'm "ImHardviceonED" (long story).

The following do not exist:


Please don't take offense if I play devil's advocate. For that matter, don't even assume I actually disagree with you. I genuinely believe that challenging our assumptions is how we discover the truth. If an idea can't withstand adversarial scrutiny, then it's not much of an idea.

Also, please don't take offense if where you see The Symbol, I see Gumby. I also value skepticism.

Miscellaneous pet peeves:

All of the Theories summarized:
  • Every black character is related to every other black character
  • Every Hispanic character is related to every other Hispanic character
  • Every Asian character is related to or is every other Asian character
  • Every person who doesn't have powers really does have powers
  • Every person who is currently alive is going to die (and soon)
  • Every person who is not currently alive is Not Really Dead
  • Every person who is dead is going to come back to life sometime
  • Everybody who is not currently working for The Company is really working for The Company
  • Everybody who is currently working for The Company is really working against The Company
  • Everybody's real power is something really complicated and specific and absolutely impossible to convey on a TV show where the actual mechanics of superpowers are never discussed
  • Everybody is the hooded killer
  • Everybody is Sylar
  • Everybody is really somebody else in disguise, from the past, or from the future
  • Waffles are tasty
  • The killer is always West.
  • Every character is adopted

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