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Mascot change mentioned in interview

  • In one of the crew interviews, they talk about the change in mascot from the Trojans to the Wildcats and basically say it was because that's the actual mascot of the school they use as the location for Union Wells. Does anybody remember which interview this was in?--Hardvice (talk) 13:41, 21 January 2007 (EST) Found it.

About Elle

  • She's currently listed a visitor, but if she posed as a student, and attended classes, shouldn't she be listed as a student ? To attend classes, she had to enroll ... sure, it probably was under a fake name, but still ... That's only my 2 cents on the issue. --LeoChris 19:46, 11 December 2007 (EST)
    • Are posing as a student and being a student the same thing? I don't really care one way or another, as long as she's listed on the page. -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 19:59, 11 December 2007 (EST)

ms. roberts

who? - Tristan0709 talk 02:45, 31 December 2008 (EST)