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Portrayed by Edward Gusts
First appearance Tabula Rasa
In-story stats
Known ability Cloaking
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carny

Teddy is a member of Sullivan Bros. Carnival. He has the ability to make objects appear and disappear.

Character History

Tabula Rasa

Teddy is pushing a cart of teddy bears through the carnival when Samuel stops him in front of the ball toss game and introduces him to Sylar. Samuel then has Teddy demonstrate his ability on the cart for Sylar.

That night, Teddy attends Sylar's baptism into the carnival.

Let It Bleed

Teddy's name is on Edgar's list, which says he "makes things appear and disappear".

The Art of Deception

Teddy listens to Samuel as he prepares to turn himself in. He later listens as Samuel announces his plan to show the world who they really are.

Brave New World

Teddy does his act in Central Park, while the crowd passes him by, drawn by a siren's song. Later, he and the rest of the carnies run from Samuel, and are teleported to a safe place by Hiro Nakamura.

Evolved Human Abilities

Teddy has the ability to make things disappear and reappear.


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