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Temporal rewind

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Temporal rewind
Temporal rewind.jpg
John reverses the flow of time.
Held by: John Mulligan
Ability to: Rewind time

Temporal rewind is the ability to rewind time.



John can rewind time and redo or relive moments that have already passed. This is limited as it requires more and more energy the further back he wishes to go. Subjects whose actions are affected by changes he makes are able to remember both experiences, although only people who know enough to think about it will be able to recognize it as anything other than déjà vu. When John first started using the ability, he would often pass out from the strain. He also discovered that his subconscious can activate his ability while he sleeps.

John is also able to fast forward time. He was able to combine this aspect of his ability with the rewinding time to reach "a state of near-oscillation, pure vibration" and overcome the influence of The Watcher's ability (Chapter 5 of Purpose).



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