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iStory:Purpose/chapter summaries

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Purpose/chapter summaries
"Purpose" is the eighth iStory volume.

First mentioned: December 7, 2009

The following is a list of chapters of the Purpose volume of the iStory, with summaries and appearances noted. The summaries below are for each chapter, and explain what must happen in order for the reader to complete the story successfully.

Chapter 901

Chapter 901: Too Many Options (released 1/4/2010)

In his quest to recruit new specials, Samuel had Eli steal a box of files from Noah Bennet. One of the people in one of the files in that box is former Primatech agent John Mulligan. After months on the run, Mulligan's settling into a new life in Manhattan, hoping to find some normality...

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 902

Chapter 902: The Offer (released 1/11/2010)

John Mulligan is a man without purpose. His job at Primatech once offered a sense of stability, but ever since the Company met its sudden demise, Mulligan's been at loose ends. He tried living with other specials as part of a faction, but found that he had no stomach for that kind of life. Mulligan had just decided to return to his old life in New York City's corporate sector, when a man named Samuel called...

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 903

Chapter 903: A Partner (released 1/18/2010)

Despite an invitation, Mulligan found himself to be an extremely unwelcome guest at the Carnival - after he was recognized as a former Primatech agent. When things got ugly, Mulligan decided to wash his hands of the whole thing. But then he learned that the love of his life, Gail Bowman was living at the Carnival with her family... Now the man without a purpose has something to focus on.

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 904

Chapter 904: The Raid (released 1/25/2010)

As he tries to determine his own purpose, John Mulligan has found himself being pulled into the purposes of everyone around him. The Watcher seems to have similar goals, but his motives are completely suspect. Noah and Lauren need his help and on top of that, Angela Petrelli's number is coming up on caller ID...

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 905

Chapter 905: However It Gets Done (released 2/1/2010)

A few days ago, Mulligan was just kicking off his new life in his hometown, New York City, about to give his old life plan - before he knew Primatech even existed - a go. Back in the day, it was climbing the corporate ladder, working in the heady world of Manhattan PR... the simple life. But when you've got an evolved ability, can life ever be simple? If the last week is any proof, then the answer is no. And as it stands right now, Mulligan's life has swerved recklessly in a very dangerous direction. In the aftermath of H.R.G.'s botched Carnival raid, Mulligan finds himself in the fight of his life, facing off against Bo, Pearl, Chris Bowman, and of course, ever in the shadows, The Watcher...

[edit] Character Appearances

Chapter 906

Chapter 906: How to Stop an Insane Man (released 2/8/2010)

Convinced that the love of his life (happily married carnie Gail Bowman) was in danger, John Mulligan made it his business to team up with his ex-partner Lauren to take down Samuel Sullivan. Unfortunately, he also found himself in bed with The Watcher, who true to his nature, turned on Mulligan like quicksilver. Luckily, Mulligan was able to block The Watcher's powers, so when the inevitable attack finally came, they were both standing on equal ground. At least until the very ground shifted out from under them...

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