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Theory:Ability absorption

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The following fan theories are about Ability absorption.

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Theory Citations Notes
Power absorption works by stealing the same "force" emanated by evolved humans that boosts Samuel Sullivan's ability. None + Although Arthur may be altering his own genetic structure, he doesn't steal the victims genes, this is confirmed when Hiro manifests his original ability after an encounter with Matt Jr.
Power absorption works by altering the user's DNA to match the victim's, while also severing specific nerve connections in the victim's brain, shutting off their ability. None Think of an evolved human's power being like a business. The first part of this business is the warehouse (representing the genetic markers that make "specials" special); it stores all the raw materials necessary to make the business' product. When an ability is activated or triggered, a phone call (the second component, representing an electrical pulse conveyed by the nervous system) is made, telling the warehouse to send over supplies. When those raw materials reach the factory (meaning the brain), they are processed (interpreted) to make the finished product (a usage of the special's ability).
+ To extend this metaphor: Arthur's ability is like a competitor sabotaging the business. First he hacks into the business' files, which are kept in the warehouse (i.e., Arthur 'reads' the other evolved human's DNA). Then, once the thief knows how the product is made, he cuts the phone lines (meaning the nerve receptors) which connect the factory to the warehouse. The factory wants to make the product (meaning the special wants to use their ability), but it is now unable to contact the warehouse.
Similar analogies can be made using DNA transcription and translation.

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