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Theory:Animal control

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The following fan theories are about Animal control.

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Theory Citations Notes
Animal control works on humans too. None + A human is an animal too.
- Markus Gaines would have used it like that if he could.
- A human's mind is different than that of animals, it's more complicated and developed.
+ The mind of a dolphin or a monkey is also very developed.
- Not as much as a human. Having a more developed mind could mean they're not as easily controllable.

- The human brain isn't just more developed; it contains structures which have yet to be found in any other organism in existence. A disparity in brain structure could "confuse" the ability and render it useless, or at least reduce its effectiveness.

Animal control involves releasing pheromones. None + An animal's behavior is regulated by chemicals and pheromones. Animals are largely unable to resist those chemical urges, but humans generally have more control. Thus, a pheromone-based ability might be effective on non-sentient beings only.
- Pheromones are usually used by females of a species to attract males and make them compete for the females attention. Thus, pheromones do not provoke behaviors that are beyond the animal's nature impulses (i.e. dogfighting).
+ Pheromones are used for many purposes other than reproduction (for example, bees use pheromones to mark desirable pollen harvesting sites). Also, Wildman could have made the dogs fight each other in several ways: he could have triggered natural territorial instincts, the instinct to fight over a potential mate, or even activated their 'fight' instinct to produce mindless rage.
Samson has this ability. None + He is a taxidermist, this ability would help him with his job.
- If he had it, he wouldn't need to use sedation to make the animals still.
+ Animal control might not be able to force an animal to remain perfectly still while in plain sight of larger predators.
+ Samson claimed he had many abilities, but that he didn't know if he could still access them after such a long time.
+ He might have lost the access to this ability due to his illness.
- He was able to access two other abilities.

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