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The following fan theories are about Damian.

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Theory Citations Notes
Damian is related to René. None Damian and the Haitian have similar abilities.
- Similar abilities don't necessarily mean a blood relation.
- Nothing indicates Damian was born in Haiti.

+ Guillame liked to use his power to sleep around.
Damian and René both have dark complexions.

- Skin complexion doesn't denote kinship.
- So do Knox, D.L., Charles Deveaux and Mohinder's drug dealer. Are they all related as well?
Damian meant for Hiro to teleport away, or at least to intentionally sabotage Samuel's plans. None + Samuel presumably wanted Damian to manipulate Hiro to stay somehow. Instead, Hiro left. This seems like a pretty big mistake to make.
- The ability didn't have the effect Samuel wanted it to have on Sylar.
+ While it didn't have the exact effect Samuel wanted it to have, it came close. In Hiro's case, the situation completely backfired. It's possible that what Samuel wanted Damian to do to Sylar was beyond his limitations, instead of him simply "screwing up".

+ Damian didn't caused Hiro to lose his memories and change his way of thinking, he still will look for Ando (Scotty) to rescue Mohinder (Watson) and Charlie, only that now he thinks he lives a sci-fi/comic reality.
- The cover of The Trip, Part 1 says Damian tried to erase Hiro's memories.

Damian will take over as leader of the Carnival None + Samuel is gone.

- Edgar and Peter have been suggested as possible leaders.

+ Peter has a family to take care of.
+ Edgar said he would come back for Amanda, not to be leader of the Carnival.
- It doesn't mean he can't do both.
+ The leader of the Carnival have always been single and childless. It is a very demanding position and a parent might not be able to do so.
- Edgar may not become Amanda's parent, and it wouldn't be impossible for him to run the carnival while taking care of a child.
There's been two leaders of the Carnival, as far as we know. That's hardly enough to set a precedent.
- He said he would come back for Lydia and Amanda. Now that Lydia is dead, his promise may not hold true.

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