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The following fan theories are about Edgar.

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Theory Citations Notes
Edgar will take over as leader of the Carnival. None + He wants revenge for Lydia.

- There are other potential leaders like Damien, Chris Bowman or Gail Bowman.
- He may have other responsibilities like raising Amanda.

Edgar loved Lydia. None + He sobbed over her death.

+ He told her he would come back for her.
+ He told Noah there is someone he loves at the Carnival.
+ Fourteen years ago, when he looked into a crystal ball, he saw an older version of himself kissing her.

Edgar will raise Amanda. None + He is the last of the main carnival characters left, and loved Lydia so it would seem natural that he'd take care of and raise her daughter for her.

- Amanda was able to cross the country on her own, and doesn't seem to care for parental authority. She wouldn't subject herself to another's authority, especially if it's a man she barely knows.
+ She is a teenager played by a 14 year old actress. Tracy got her to the Carnival safely. She needs a family. She wasn't happy until she found a place to be safe. She even stated how she enjoyed having Samuel as a parent.

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