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Theory:Julien Dumont

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The following fan theories are about Julien Dumont.

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Theory Citations Notes
The tubes connecting Julien to his clones are part of a function similar to umbilical cords. None + In Root and Branch, Part 2, the tubes appear to be organic, as they literally come out of Julien's body.

+ The clones are in fetal position, making them akin, in one way, to babies in a mother's womb.
This could suggest that Julien's way of replicating himself is akin to a mother nurturing a baby in her womb, except outside of the body.
+ Also, if Julien's clones developed instantly, the Company could field a literally endless army of disposable soldiers. This would make capturing even a foe like Sylar simple - even he couldn't fight thousands of enemies simultaneously.

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