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Theory:Lauren Gilmore

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The following fan theories are about Lauren Gilmore.

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Theory Citations Notes
Lauren Gilmore hunted Chris Bowman. None + Lauren said she hunted a guy who could blow fire through his nose.

+ Chris stated his fear of the company.
+ He seems to have an extreme hatred for John Mulligan, who was Lauren's partner while she was working at Primatech.

Lauren Gilmore will marry Noah. None + Noah married Sandra, not long after they started dating.
It would appear that this was at the Company's behest.

+ Noah will need Lauren to help protect Claire. The best way for that to happen is if Lauren becomes Claire's stepmother.

- Claire is legally an adult and was independent enough to reveal the existence of evolved humans to the entire world. She doesn't need Noah to protect her anymore, let alone a stepmother.

+ Noah and Lauren both seem to have strong feelings for each other.

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