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Theory:Maury Parkman

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The following fan theories are about Maury Parkman.

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Theory Citations Notes
Maury has an ulterior motive for telling Daphne to recruit Matt into the Pinehearst Company. None + If Maury, a telepath, is already a member, why would they need Matt, another telepath?
- It's logical for Pinehearst to recruit multiple individuals with the same ability.
- It doesn't seem likely that Maury would go over Arthur's head.
+ Maury may be recruiting his own Trojan army at Pinehearst to overthrow Arthur Petrelli in a coup, starting with Matt and Daphne.
- Arthur also insisted in recruiting Matt.
Although Maury's physical body is dead, his telepathy allows his mind to survive and possibly return in a later episode (possibly in another body). None + Both Charles Deveaux's and Hana Gitelman's minds have survived beyond physical death.

+ The Astral Plain in Marvel comics allows psychics to survive physical death and it wouldn't be the first idea the Heroes team have "borrowed" from the X-Men.

Maury lost his powers to Arthur once, but regained them by taking the formula serum. None Telepathy had to come from somewhere.

- Nothing suggests Maury ever lost his ability.
- It seems more likely that Arthur would have taken the ability from someone that he did not deem as useful to him as Maury was.
+ Arthur told Peter that he can give Peter his powers back using the formula. He seemed pretty sure that it would work. So the formula had already been used to give a powerless evolved human his power back. This could be Maury.

- But it didn't give Peter his powers back, indicating speculation.
- Arthur being sure doesn't constitute the formula doing that in the past.
Maury was responsible for "healing" Nathan at the start of Season 3. We know for a fact that Maury was responsible for Nathan's visions of Linderman, placing him at the hospital just after Nathan was shot. + It seems likely that Maury would try to "sell" Nathan's miracle visions with a "miracle recovery". After all, Nathan's visions of the afterlife wouldn't work if the doctor's told him he was never legally dead.

+ It would be well within his powers to manipulate the doctors into thinking Nathan had died, even if the surgery had been successful. All it would take is a few seconds of mind-control...

Maury is a precog. None + Matt is a precog.
+ Maury's ability could be hereditary and he passed on both telepathy and precognition to Matt.
+ Telepathy is likely to be connected to precognition if Matt were to have gotten both of his abilities naturally.

+ Maury had known about his ability longer than Matt had when he had discovered he was a precog, giving Maury a higher chance of discovering that he was a precog.
- Maury was never stated as having either met a precog or gone on a spirit walk.
- The writer's have stated that Matt's powers are developing in ways his father's never did or could have. Precognition could simply be one of these developments.

Maury succeeded another founder in the Group of Twelve None + He joined in 1978 after Victoria left and after Adam's imprisonment.

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