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Theory:Miko Otomo

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The following fan theories are about Miko Otomo.

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Theory Citations Notes
Miko Otomo is, in actuality, deceased. The current Miko is a digital avatar her father brought to life with HIS ability, therefore, Miko herself does not have an ability, but is able to materialize in the real world because of her father's ability. None + Miko has little memory of her current life, save for memories about her father.
+ Miko only transports when she uses Takezo Kensei's sword, suggesting that her ability to transport is held within the sword and is not Miko's innate ability. Her father could have extended his ability to the sword.
+ Harris asks Miko if she remembers the death. His Japanese speech translate to "You died." It seems pretty clear that Miko died, and her current body is simply a manifestation of a digital avatar.

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