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Theory:Monty and Simon Petrelli

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Theories about Monty and Simon Petrelli

The following fan theories are about Monty and Simon Petrelli.

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Theory Citations Notes
Monty and Simon have powers, inherited from Nathan. Micah is a second-generation evolved human (Nothing to Hide), as is Claire Bennet (The Fix). Nathan and Peter are evolved siblings. (Genesis) Children of evolved parents tend to exhibit their powers earlier.

As powers can be created through the introduction of an adrenal compound which modifies the genes, it is possible that that some modification of the pituitary gland is what passes powers on to children, rather than the genetic differences responsible for powers. Since this controls growth this would explain the difference in the ages of power emergence.
Both Micah and Claire were children of two powered parents, whereas Monty and Simon are (as far as we know) only children of one, so they are genetically less likely to exhibit powers than the Micah and Claire (although more likely than the average child).

+ Molly is apparently the child of only one powered parent--her father--and she exhibits powers just as early as a child of two powered parents (Micah).
+ In Five Years Gone, Matt Parkman mentions to Noah Bennet that they are both harboring children followed by Noah giving him a drawing made by his then 5 year old son. The implication of this of course being that Matt's child developed powers at an early age. That said, one only needs one parent to gain an ability and the development of this power isn't set in stone depending on the power or the amount of birth parents with the ability. Keep in mind also that Claire, a two evolved human offspring, developed her powers when she was a teenager, as opposed to Molly who developed early.
If Molly's father was an evolved human, then it's possible he had two recessive genes, and if Molly's mother had one dominate gene and one recessive gene, it's quite possible that's how Molly obtained her unique DNA.
There's nothing to suggest that the gene which gives a person abilities is recessive. Recessive is not synonymous with rare; the allele that denotes deafness is dominant, but deafness itself is rare.
Shanti was the daughter of two (as far as we know) non-powered individuals.
She was said to be special, that doesn't necessarily mean she had an ability.
Shanti died of a virus that, at the time, only infected people with abilities.
- Nathan's ability is actually synthetic, and Heidi doesn't even have an ability. So the chances of any of their children having an ability is unlikely.
+ Nathan still had the correct lineage for his ability to manifest without side effects. His DNA was able to handle it, so maybe that will pass on to his children and their abilities will be natural.
+ Claire is Nathan's daughter and she has an ability.
- She could have inherited her ability from Meredith.
+ Niki had a synthetic ability yet Micah still has one.
- Micah must have inherited his abilities from D.L.
+ Niki having a synthetic ability could have altered something in that inheritance.

+ If Simon and or Monty gain powers, it will present problems for Nathan based on his policy about evolved humans.
- It was said by BTE that only one of Nathan's sons has powers.

Monty has a power, but Simon doesn't. Peter is an evolved human, but Nathan became one. (Genesis) + Niki had a synthetic ability yet Micah still has one.
+ Peter was born with an ability but Nathan wasn't.
- That doesn't mean Monty is the one with powers.

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