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Theory:Mr. Claremont

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The following fan theories are about Mr. Claremont.

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Theory Citations Notes
Claremont is an evolved human who used his ability to fix Kensei's sword. His ability may be a type of molecular manipulation. None + Repairing a broken sword is normally impossible. It would likely require an evolved human's ability.
Repairing a broken sword is not impossible, but it would require a forge or other method of superheating the metal, as well as an anvil to beat it back together. Neither of these appears to be in the shop.
Repairing a fancy Japanese sword like that properly is almost impossible, especially in that time frame. These swords are made by the folding molten sheets hundreds of times.

+ Claremont had a clear connection with Kaito Nakamura, implying a possible connection with the Company.
+ The symbol appears in his store and in his advertisement in the yellow pages.

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