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Theory:Peter's dreams

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The following fan theories are about Peter's dreams.

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Theory Citations Notes
During Peter's dreams, his ability of empathic mimicry is much stronger than it is while he is awake. In Genesis, Peter says that after dreaming about flying, his foot briefly hovered. + Peter has been described as empathic, meaning that he connects with people on a mental and emotional level; Freud theorized that dreams allow a person to control their emotions over distressing events. This would explain how his foot hovered shortly after his dream about flying, an ability he unknowingly absorbed from his brother. It would also explain the prophetic nature of his dreams; it is possible that he is absorbing someone else's ability (one that involves seeing the future) in his sleep. Finally, this would explain how he was able to sense that his brother was hurt shortly after the car accident; his emotional connection with his brother was hightened during Peter's dream state.

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