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The following fan theories are about telekinesis.

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Theory Citations Notes
Telekinesis is an extension of a psycho-kinetic aura. None - This would not account for the user to be injured nor would it account for a apparent need for superhuman strength.
Telekinesis is a form of aerokinesis. None - This would not account for the perfect levitation of an object and when activated there is no apparent sound of wind rushing nor do clothes appear to flap.
- Levitating an object by manipulating air pressure would be difficult and sloppy; instead of hovering in the air, the object would likely twirl and spin as the currents pulled it in different directions.

- The amount of air pressure necessary to stop a bullet in flight would probably be hazardous to nearby objects.
- No such ability has ever been documented on the series.

Telekinesis is actually invisible force fields. None + This would account for the distortion in the air when activated.

+ It would also account for the sudden stop or stiffness of the desired object.

Telekinesis works by controlling Gravitons. None + Gravitons are sub-atomic particles that create gravity. By controlling the waves created by Gravitons they could change the gravity of an object.

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