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Theory:The Company

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The following fan theories are about The Company.

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One of the aims of The Company is the controlled breeding of those with powers. While the initial aim may have been to save the world and the current stated aim is to control those with abilities, those with powers may die or go rogue, thus necessitating the cultivation of the next generation of Company men with powers. It also beats trying to find those spontatneously born with abilities. None + It could explain why characters with powers (e.g. the Petrellis, Matt, Hiro) have parents involved with the Company.
As the superpowers have been established since the very beginning as the result of genetic mutation, clearly there is always a chance that an evolved human is going to give birth to another, whether paired with another evolved human or not. Like anyone, members of the Company may want to have children of their own. Their children will likely be born with superpowers as a purely natural phenomenon. To assume there needs to be any "explanation" is to think backwards. In this case, it would do us well to consider the egg as coming before the chicken, and not the other way around. Matt Parkman does not inexplicably have a father who is connected with the Company, but rather Maury Parkman quite simply has a son.

+ In Landslide Linderman states that D.L.'s and Niki's meeting (and implicitly the conception and birth of Micah) was no accident and that he has been watching them their whole lives.

+ In a similar strain, Peter and Simone Deveaux (who, while she may not have explicitly had any abilities, was at least a carrier of the gene that allowed for her father's ability) could have been paired by The Company, with the orchestration of their eventual, albeit short-lived, romance.

+ It could explain how Adam Monroe feels himself to a god even though his power seems paltry in comparison to some others. He is the brains behind The Company and controls those who would control (by saving or destroying) the world. As strongly suggested in Out of Time, since Adam doesn't age, and is in a sense immortal, he's the only one in the Company able to sit back and watch his work unfold.

The Company is fronted by many everyday average companies such as: Primetech Paper, The Linderman Group (Corinthian Casino), The Deveaux Society, Yamagato Industries, The Petrelli Law firm and many other unnamed everyday companies such as the Russian textile factory. None + The founding members of the company each have front companies they over-run.
+ Bob Bishop ran Primatech Paper.
+ Daniel Linderman ran the Corinthian Casino.
+ Kaito Nakamura ran Yamagato Industries.
+ Charles Deveaux ran the Deveaux Society.
+ Arthur Petrelli ran the Petrelli Lawfirm.
There is always a Company. The Haitian in Lizards. + In Lizards, the Haitian states that there is always a Company, implying that the Company has "closed down" before but was still operating.

- All the directors bar Angela are dead. Who is left to restart the company?
- Noah turned down the chance to restart the company.

The Company is based on Men in Black. None + Both the Company and MIB hunt dangerous people/aliens and keep surveillance on them.

+ Both were independantly funded.

- Company is now funded by the US government.
Hence the term were.

+ Both use the "technology" of those they are hunting.
+ They dress in the same manner.

- The Company isn't as inflexible about a dressing code as MIB is.

+ They erase people's memories.

- MIB also replaces them.
The Company chairman before Daniel Linderman was Arthur Petrelli. None + Arthur and Linderman were the first to start it.
- No, the first to start the Company were Daniel, Charles, Bob and Angela. Arthur came along later. Arthur had a law firm, whether that was also a front for the Company, like Primatech was, is unknown.

+ Arthur could have been the chairman, before his "death".

Any still living member at that point could have been chairman before Linderman.
+ He was one of the founders.
- So were Carlos Mendez, Harry Fletcher, Susan Amman and the other who have never appeared.

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