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Theory:West Rosen

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The following fan theories are about West Rosen.

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West is a sociopath and possible solipsist. He displayed many characteristics of a sociopath b the way he watched people in Flying Blind. + He refers to himself as a breed apart from humanity. While others with abilities try to retain their humanity, characters like West and Sylar revel in their separateness and superiority.
- That is like saying that an African American who embraces his cultural heritage is a racist. Just because he enjoys being special doesn't make him a monster.

+ His observations on the two types of humans (robots and aliens) are snide. West probably doesn't have much love for humans. His disgust does not originate from injustice (like being picked on), but because he sees himself as superior.

- He used the "alien" and the "robot" as a metaphor, meaning its not exactly what he meant. What he meant is, if you are an "alien", meaning you do whatever you, no one tells you what to do. And "robot" if you are being controlled by the people around you i.e. your parents; because robots are being controlled.

+ He has also demonstrated obsessive tendencies, in stalking and spying on Claire.
- Sociopaths are incapable of feeling any attachment to -or empathy for- others. He obviously liked Claire, and expressed sadness and remorse when they broke up. A sociopath wouldn't feel sad if his girlfriend broke up with him; he would be angry at her (and probably plan revenge).
- A solipsist would find having a relationship almost impossible. They are incapable of figuring out the motives and beliefs behind the actions of others.

West knew about Claire's powers before seeing her cut off her toe. West left a copy of Activating Evolution at Claire's house after seeing her cut off her toe. (Lizards) + If West were "stalking" Claire out of mere lust or romantic interest, he would have no reason to carry Activating Evolution with him.

- He may carry the book around because he is reading it to study his own ability.
+ West showed up almost immediately after Claire jumped off the "tower", injured herself, and regenerated (Four Months Later). He could have seen her power then.

- Perhaps he carried the book because she was talking about regenerating organs for transplant like a lizard grows its tail like he said he was doing in the following conversation.
West will become a villain. West uses his and Claire's powers to play a prank on Debbie and get her suspended. (The Line) + West has shown he is willing to use his powers for petty and even harmful goals. This sets him apart from characters who use their powers for harmless or unselfish purposes.
- The prank was on Debbie, a bully cheerleader who was drinking on school grounds while humiliating new cheerleaders; it was vengeful, but hardly crosses the line of justice.

+ In the episode commentary for The Line, the writers explain that West views his powers as making him separate from and above humanity (in the scene where he tells Claire that he doesn't really care what his parents think, because he can fly). The belief that superpowered people are superior to normal people is a common theme for comic book villains.

- In scientific terms, evolved humans are superior. They possess capabilities beyond that of homo sapiens, and are the next step in humanity's evolution.

+ In the episode commentary for The Line, the writers describe Claire's participation in West's scheme as ultimately self-destructive for Claire.

- This may have simply been referring to Claire's use of her power for frivolous/self-serving purposes (which exposes her to being tracked by the Company), rather than her involvement with West.

- In an interview on G4 TV, when asked if West was a potential villain, Jack Coleman mentions that many fans are jumping to conclusions regarding West's character.

+ That doesn't mean that they haven't jumped to the correct conclusion.
West is the son of Adam Monroe. None - Adam said that he was locked up for the last 30 years.
Adam apparently slept with Elle at some point during his captivity. Although we don't know if anything came of it, it's a possibility...
- Elle is 24. West is 16 or 17. This would mean that Elle gave birth to West when she was seven or eight, and that Adam committed statutory rape.

- West shows disdain for his parents because he has powers, implying that his parents don't.

+ This only means his parents have no known powers.
+ Adoption is common in Heroes, his parents may not really be his parents.

This would be "inverse" power heredity compared to Claire. West would be the flying son of a regenerative man, while Claire would be the regenerative daughter of a flying man.
Claire and West could have been "switched at birth". This would make Claire Adam's child and West Nathan's. This may not be an unlikely incident for the Company to pull off.

The Company does not purposely strive to make things confusing. There doesn't seem to be a motive for switching them at birth.

+ The names "Adam" and "West" combine to form the name of an actor famous for playing Batman on TV - a sly comic book reference?

- It could be a coincidence as well.
Everything bad that happened in Season Three was West's fault. If he hadn't have forced his way into Claire's life, he wouldn't have talked her into playing that prank on Debbie Marshall, the Company wouldn't have found out where Claire was, they wouldn't have taken her blood, Sylar wouldn't have taken the blood from Mohinder. He wouldn't have taken Claire's ability to get his ability back, he wouldn't have gone to the company, he wouldn't have attacked Elle, and the Level 5 inmates would not have been released. + The only reason the company found out where Claire was is because of the newspaper article about Debbie Marshall.
It wouldn't have happened if West had left Claire alone like she first told him to.

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