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First appearance Faction Zero
Known leader: Katherine Murry
Known members: Kelli Wheaton,
Miles Lecomte,
Therese Bryne,
Pacy McNeil,
Theodore van den Burg

Unity is a group of evolved humans, based on making and keeping connections between the various heroes of the world. It also serves as an information source for people who want or need help, sometimes acting as a safe haven as well. The information they come across won't always be cheap, but, since people need to be kept informed to stay safe and one step ahead of anyone who might harm them, Unity does whatever it has to keep its edge.


Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Micah, Claire, and Rachel arrive at an office in a Costa Verde strip mall, and are greeted by Katherine Murry. She tells Micah what an honor it is to meet him, and asks how Unity can help them. He asks her for backup in the hunt for Thompson, Jr. and Wildman. She agrees, and calls Kelli Wheaton, and tells her to bring other members of Unity there. She brings Miles Lecomte, Therese Bryne, Pacy McNeil, and Theodore van den Burg. The whole group then accompanies Micah to search for Thompson and Wildman, while Rachel and Claire go after the fire breather.


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