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First appearance The Civilian
Debut August 4, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability Silicon manipulation
Nickname Mike
Age 18
Home California
Sibling Cole
Other relatives Amber (cousin)

Mykah (or Mike as she prefers) is the twin sister of Cole and is looking for her cousin Amber.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Civilian

In chapter 4 of The Civilian, Mykah and her brother Cole are visiting Leona and Rachel. They enlist Rachel's help in searching for their cousin Amber, who went missing during their time as fugitives. Mykah tells Rachel that they believe Amber is with a group of bikers and Rachel tells them to wait at the diner for her to bring Amber. Later, Rachel brings Amber to Mykah and Cole, who have a happy reunion.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mykah has the ability to create silicon in its various forms. She can form compounds which contain silicon, usually limited to silica, such as sand, quartz, flint, glass, and aerogel, although she sometimes also "sparkles" with a fine glittery complexion. She can also create moissanite crystals with the carbon Cole provides, though her crystals are larger than the diamonds he makes.


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