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Ground Swarm by Zsantz.jpg
In rage Ewan covers his village in killer bee's.
Held by: Ewan Baxter
Ability to: Control insects

Insectokinesis is the ability to control all insects, to create swarms, talk to them, summon them etc.


  • Ewan Baxter is the only character known to have this ability.


Ewan apears to be able to use his ability without intense concentration.

He apears to be able to summon insects (See picture) he also showed he could talk to the insects telepathicly and understanding the feelings of them. One of his theories is that if he covered himself in cockroaches he could survive a nuclear explosion, this is only a theory as it has not been tested. He also showed to be immune to the stings of insects.

Selected Examples

Memorable Quotes

"I talked to a bee through my mind."

"So your telepathic?"

"I dont think its telepathy if i can only talk to insects..."

Ewan, Mohinder (Yet to be named)