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Fan Powers
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Watching oneself kick oneself may be a new power.

This category contains fan-created abilities for evolved humans. For an archive of old suggested fan powers, please see Fan powers/Archive. New fan-created abilities should not be added directly to this page, rather they should be created as subpages within your user space and have [[Category:Fan Powers]] added at the bottom.

Fan powers

The following are abilities created by Heroes fans, but have not been demonstrated in the Heroes world as of yet.

Empathic absorption

Empathic absorption is the ability to copy the entire being of any individual, evolved or otherwise. This is the next evolutionary level from power absorption which is the next form of empathic mimicry.

Limits: Due to have so many personalities/voices/memories, without intuitive aptitude, the individual develops dissociative indentity disorder. The individual is vulnerable to possession and mental episodes. Unlike physical absorption, which is the highest form due to cumulative effects, the amount of people you copy does not add on, so copying 5 people will not give you the strength of 5 people.


Chromakinesis is the ability to manipulate the color of anything, with practically no limits.


  • Rowan screws with the color of his dartboard. See the gallery

Enhanced senses

Enhanced senses is the ability to feel, smell, see, taste and hear beyond human limits.

Limits: When not totally under control, people can use them against the controller. This side effect can even occur by very trained users.

Energy manipulation

Energy manipulation is the ability to manipulate all kinds of energy and channel them to produce different effects.


  • Rowan's hand shines as he prepares to absorb the kinetic energy of an approaching object. See the gallery


Narcokinesis is the ability to manipulate a person's sleep patterns, making them fall asleep or be unable to sleep at all.


  • Peter puts his friend to sleep. See here.

Pain Induction

Pain Induction is the ability to stimulate feelings of pain in another person's brain without any physical contact.


  • Peter makes his friend's brain hurt, then his own. See here.

Rapid Gyration

Rapid Gyration is the ability to spin at extremely high speeds.


  • Peter spins extremely fast in one spot. See here.


Sciakinesis is the ability to control darkness and blend into shadows.


  • Peter darkens a room and then blends in. See here.


Tomatosis is the ability to grow tomatoes out of nothing. This power would be useful when you're hungry.


  • Riddler makes some Grape Tomatoes appear out of nothing. See here.


Warping is the ability to bend and warp space, unlike Hiro's power this is far more potent.


  • Ralph deflects a lightning bolt by warping space around it, then also teleports himself. See here.

Air Mimicry

Air Mimicry is an ability, that allows a person to transform into pure air, and to create air, even for space. The person with this ability can also inflate people, if inflated too much they will explode and die. With this ability, air cannot be destroyed, it can only be created, and when transformed into air, the person cannot control itself, he/she will go with the wind!

Animal Pyrokinesis

Animal Pyrokinesis is an ability for animals, it allows an animal to manipulate fire by breathing flames, or by creating fiery paws. This ability can only be gotten synthetically.

Anti-bacterial soap emission

Anti-bacterial soap emission emits a highly concentrated beam of liquid similar to anti-bacterial soap. This is the true ability of the future terrorist.

Disadvantages: Unless you're a doctor or someone with OCD, it's pretty useless....


Unnation causes the user to undo choices or events that happened in the past while seeing what would happen when they changed their choice. This ability does not affect choices made by the deceased or choices made in the future.

Examples: Peter makes it that Sylar was never born.

Object creation

Object creation is an ability to create any object with ones mind. The power is limited to its owner's weight. The one with this ability can't create an object that is heavier than the user. Money can't also be created.

Examples: Greg creates an new keyboard to his computer.

Power Resistance

Power resistance is the ability to resist the effects of other superhuman abilities.


Transduction is the ability to absorb and convert energy for various uses. This is similar to Mindy Sprague's power.


Wafflekinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate waffles.

This ability allows the user to generate waffles from thin air and to manipulate waffles regardless of origin. As waffles are extremely tasty, the user can be said to possess limited mind control powers as well.

Fan Abilities Galleries

Chromakinesis Gallery

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Memory Restoration

The counter effect of the Haitian's mental manipulation, it exists to resotre the memories of people who have lost them such as amnesiacs or the victims of Matt Parkman; Arthur Petrelli; Maury Parkman; Sarah Ellis or The Haitian.

Limits: Like the Haitian, physical contact is required to restore memories.


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