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User:50000JH/ability control

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ability control
Originally held by: Unknown
Absorbed by: 50000JH
Ability to: Control, reverse and transfer ability

Ability Control Is the ability to control, reverse and transfer ability.

Control: For the user to control the Oppent to the use ability.

Reserve: For the User to use their ability.

Transfer: For a third person to use the ability.

Character Unknown 50000JH

Limits When the user comes across somebody with, empathic mimicry or mental manipulation there is struggle between the two people. If somebody is trying to block an ability and the user is trying to control it then an inital mental battle will being, as the battle will go on, the person in the middle will gain control some of they ability, a which can end up in three ways. The user gain control of the ability. The person blocking the ability complete blocks the ability. They both pass out. First two no-one pass out. Another person with this ability is not immune.