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Concussive Blasts
Trinity generates a concussive blast.
Held by: Trinity Denver
Ability to: generate concussive blasts of energy into the minds of others

Concussive Blasts is the ability to generate blasts of energy that "attack" the minds of others, causing immense pain.



Trinity doesn't seem limited to how many people she can affect with her ability at a single time. On one occasion, she accidentally manifested her power in a shopping centre, causing everyone inside to fall to the floor in pain.

The maximum force of Trinity's blasts seem to be able to cause either permanent brain damage or instant death, as was the case with a mysterious mugger who murdered Trinity's boyfriend. A single blast into his mind destroyed his brain completely. Trinity must concentrate when using her ability as it is not passive and can only be activated by will.

Trinity's blasts seem to emerge from her mind as a red light, then dissapears and causes pain in whomever is closest to her at the time of manifestation.