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Nickname AJ
Powers Precognitive Dreaming
Sex Male
Age 14
Date of birth 1994
Home Perth, WA
Occupation Student
Favorite quote "Stings Like A Bitch"
Favorite episode Orientation
Jump, Push, Fall
Favorite graphic novel Rebellion, Part 3
Favorite actor Masi Oka
Reed Baron
Quin Baron
Favorite actress Catherine Tate
Ali Larter
Taylor Cole
Alexa Nikolas
Cristine Rose
Favorite character Lydia
Rachel Mills
Baby Matt
Young/old Angela Petrelli
Least favorite character Mohinder Suresh

Hello, my goal is to help spread the word of Heroes!

Chronicles To Do List

  • Update every character for chronicles.
  • Create new character pages for chronicles.
  • Create new ability pages for chronicles.
  • Update chronicles pages!


Hi! My brother Joshua Korolenko and I have created a new fan series entitled Chronicles. Click here to see it.

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