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User:Altes/Space manipulation

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Space manipulation
Powers space manipulation.PNG
Jennifer uses portals to extend her arm further than normal.
Held by: Jennifer Wilson
Ability to: Create portals

Space manipulation is the ability to bend space, which results in opening portals.



The first time Jennifer Wilson manifested her ability was when she unsuccessfully performed a dangerous stunt on her skateboard. When she fell, she unknowingly opened a portal, which significantly decreased her fall. Jennifer eventually learned to open portals at will. Each time she creates two portals: one for entrance and another for exit. The portals seem to be breaches in space, since the destination point can be seen in each of them. Size of the portals is important, it must be as large as (or larger than) the object which passess through the breach. Jennifer's bicycle came out of the portal broken, when she created too small portals. When an object enters an entrance portal, it isn't sucked in to come out from an exit portal - instead, it is possible for an object to exist in two places, but in halves: one put in entrance, another coming out from exit. Jennifer tested her ability in this way by extending her arm in a great distance to take a cup on a shelf and pull it back. Thus there's no difference between entrance and exit: they have the same transferring function.

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