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Super sperm
Powers super sperm.PNG
Somebody - either Matt or Tom - is using his power of super sperm.
Held by: Matt Parkman
Ability to: Conceive children and cause an accelerated pregnancy in women

Super sperm is the ability to cause a shorter lasting pregnancy in women after having sex with them. As implied by the name of ability, only males can have it.




  • Tom McHenry could possibly have this ability, since it is still ambiguous as to whether Matt Parkman Jr.'s biological father is Tom McHenry or Matt Parkman.


Matt has demonstrated this ability by causing Janice Parkman to have a much shorter pregnancy than usual, in their child Matt Jr..

In is unknown whether this is a passive ability, or an ability that requires effort to use. It is also unknown what the properties of these sperm are, whether they have a level of sentience that allows them to decide when they wish to impregnate a woman, or whether the holder of the ability is in control.


  • It has been theorized that these sperm actually control the individual holding the ability, not vice versa, as seen in most other abilities.