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Waffle mimicry
Someone has just morphed into a waffle... and is about to be eaten.
Held by: Waffles
Ability to: Become waffles

Waffle mimicry is the ability to turn oneself into waffles and mimic their tastiness.



  • Waffles have this ability. But it should be noted that rather than waffles themselves, someone anonymous in fact poses as them.



Waffle mimicry allows its user - or users - to change their physical and chemical structure to match those of the famous food. Many viewers of Heroes noticed that these fake waffles are different from ordinary ones. For example, waffle mimics can attract evolved humans to themselves. It is also speculated that these impostors can augment their abilities or help them manifest; calm them down, reunite families etc. In other words, waffle mimics are incredibly powerful and almost almighty.
Although never proved, Mr. Muggles may have this ability. However, he was never shown to transform into a waffle, yet he is invincible and almighty as well.