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A cool, awesome genius.

Wishes he had the power to turn into salt or change tattoos.

Favorite Shows

3.It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite Movies

1.Mystery Men
2.Take the Money and Run
3.Kung Fu Hustle
4.Heroes: The Movie

Favorite Bands

1.Death From Above 1979
2.Queens of the Stone Age
3.The Hives
4.Kings of Leon
7.Kaiser Chiefs
8.Modest Mouse
9.White Stripes
10.Eagles of Death Metal

Favorite Heroes Quotes

"I believe this is mine, carp" -Adam Monroe

"Of course I know you. It's me, Adam. Don't you remember?" - Adam Monroe

"Not so much" -Mr. Flanders

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Theories about AmazeKing

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Theory Citations Notes
AmazeKing is cool Here + He can skateboard without using his legs, arms, feet, or tuba.
+ He has a jetpack installed into his pack with a mp3 player.
AmazeKIng is a genius Over there + He discovered cold fusion, but was too busy watching Heroes to tell anyone.
+ Einstien asked him to autograph the paper where he had the Theory of Relativity.
AmazeKing is awesome Around back + Who else has a theory bar in their userpage?

  Theories edit
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