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Rose on scaffolding.JPG
I believe I can fly....!
Portrayed by Unknown
Powers Enhanced Agility
Alias Anonymous Heroine
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Date of birth On the last day of Scorpio..
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote "I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman!" - Nathan
Favorite quote "Don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway." - Anon
Favorite colors Ohh.. Purple, orange, green, blue, red, yellow..
Favorite episode Homecoming
Favorite graphic novel Road Kill
Favorite actor Masi Oka
Favorite actress Hayden Panettiere
Favorite character Hiro
Least favorite character Linda Tavara
Favorite power Space/time manipulation
Favorite fruit Strawberries
Favorite sport Climbing

"See, I have this theory. Whether it's fate or choice, people break down into only two categories. You're either a robot, or an alien. My debate teacher would call that reductive. I call it a neat expression of a larger truth. Robots operate out of programs — conventional logic. They follow the rules. Robots scan the world from side to side. Aliens are more... abstract thinkers. If they need to break a rule to keep their own paths, they do. Without fear. Aliens look down and up... when they choose to. I'm not condemning one or the other, but, I'd rather be alone than be surrounded by robots. And robots could never even see someone like me."

- West

I'm an Alien, man!