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Portrayed by Phillip Smith
First mentioned 2007
In-story stats
Known abilities Aura, Osteokinesis, Augmentation
Age 21
Date of birth Like I'll tell you
Date of death Not yet
Home Australia
Occupation Pastrycook

Hi there. My name is Aresues, and I am a self-confessed Heroes fanatic. I have watched every single episode, and love every one. I have also added a few of my own powers to the list (some of my ideas have already been added!!).

Fan Powers

Below is a list of the fan powers I have thought up. Most of them are quite viable, not silly ones like Dance-Routine Inducement and the like. ANy new ones I come up with will have there titles in bold, and a discription like they do on the Archive page.

Second Sight- The ability to have hightened sight, allowing you to see through illusions and the invisible.

Repel- A telekinetic pulse that forcing things away.

Plasma- Modify your body on a plasmic level, allowing you to stretch and squash like elastic. You are immune to blunt-force trauma. Also you can control light based electricity.

Hyalokinesis- Allows you to control glass.

Thermokinesis- Allows you to control heat by using ambient heat-sources (the sun, lava, a gas heater). You are immune to extreme heat fluctuations.

Oxikinesis- Allows you to control oxygen, thereby you can remove or inject oxygen into various places.

Accelerated Cell Regeneration- A step down from Rapid cell regeneration.

Absolute Magnetism- The ability to attract everything to yourself, so long as you know it's there.

Petrification/Reanimation- Allows you to turn most thing to stone, and to turn stone things into the living.

Paralysis- Allows you to shut down the neural, respitaory or cardiac pathways of living things to stop them. Can also be used locally or generally.

Molecular Manipulation- Allows you to modify things on a molecular level. This means that you can turn steel to rubber, etc...

Adhesion- The ability to apply a telekinetic attraction to most objects. Allows the user to move on vertical or horizontal surfaces, but this makes the user nauseous.

Aura- The ability to use the natural energy in you in many ways, such as attacking and defending. You can only use your own aura

Camouflage- Be a chameleon, and blend into your surroundings

Disaster- Harness the earth's destructive side, and create and control natural disasters such as fire, flood and hurricanes.

Fear- Allows you to make people too afraid to do things. This doesn't make bad things happen, just freaks people out.

Fusion- The ability to fuse two beings into a single entity.

Levitation- Like flying, you can hover above the ground, or cause things to float.

Literary Manipulation- The ability to pull anything from the written word (or pictures) and make them real.

Luck- Allows you to make good and bad things happen, from winning the lotto, find a lost object, hurting yourself, surviving a near-fatal encounter, or even dying, or causing death.

Psychic Talons- Become like Wolverine and slice away with talons no-one can see.

Pyroportation- The ability to travel through fire.

Removal- The ability to move things from one place to another, similar to telekinesis.

Stealth- The ability to move about and not be detected by surveillance technology, but still by human eyes.

Viscosity- This is the ability to adjust the viscosity, or thickness, of fluids. A person with this power could use it to make any liquid as thick as honey, or as runny as water. Example, the user could change the thickness of an enemy's blood so it is extremely thin, causing them to loose energy, and then cut them. The thinner then normal blood will then gush forth with little or no coagulating, leaving them to bleed out in under a minute. Limits- This ability only affects liquids. Viscosity cannot be altered to make a liquid into a solid. Touch is not nessessary to use this power.

Enhanced Dexterity- This power increases the users touch sense. A person with this ability would be able to feel even minute flaws in anything they touch, such as a hair-fine dip in a surface, even through gloves. Advantages of this ability would be looking for a hidden door, as they could feel the break in the wall, even if it was flush to the wall. Limits- The users hands would be extremely sensitive, and prone to damage. Therefore, the user should generally wear gloves to protect their hands.

Augmentation- This is the ability to boost the effects of various things. This can range from physical strength (though not Enhanced strength, the power in a light bulb, to the resistance of a brick wall or steel. A skilled Augmentor could use his power to make something as flimsy as paper to the strength of wood, or even increase the effectivness of other powers. Examples: augmenting a riot shield so it can withstand more batterings, increasing the wattage of a bulb to dangerous proportions etc... Limits- The augmentor must come into direct contact with an object to augment it, or be in close proximity to an evolved human to boost their power. This ability cannot augment things to a super-human level (paper into steel, normal strength to Enhanced strength).

Favourite Eps

Homecoming (Sylar's first full appearance)

Company Man (Claire using her power to the extreme, Ted losing control)

Parasite (Mohinder trounces Sylar)

.07% (Sylar vs Peter, Issac goes bye-byes)

Landslide (Micah's ability extorted, Molly returns, Mr Linderman DIES!!!)

How To Stop An Exploding Man (Sylar vs Peter again, Nathan enbraces his gift)

Favourite Characters

Sylar- Even though he's evil incarnate, he has one of the most awesome powers around, Telekinesis. So glad he's coming back in Season Two. Wondering if he is still going to be evil, or he will 'help' the others defeat the 'one who might see Molly'.

Claire- Come on. Who wouldn't want to be totally indestrucible?!?! I just wish she would stop whining about how freaky she is!

Peter- The goody-goody of the show. Hope he has a few new tricks up his sleeve in Season 2.

Niki/Jessica- My sister loathes Niki, but I think the whole alternative personality thing is great. I just wish we knew if Jesica was real, or just Niki cracking up.

Maya- Let's see. This girl has a power that kills anyone near her when she freaks out. That is cool, so long as you have the anitdote nearby (Alejendro).