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Portrayed by Ash
Nickname Ashman
Powers Freezing
Sex Male
Age 14
Date of birth January
Occupation Student
Favorite color Purple
I am from the
United Kingdom

Fan Powers

Blood Drain

This ability enables one to drain the blood from the victim.


  • This is only usable as long as the victim is not surronded in a material(e.g. steel).
  • You cannot use this ability on people with the same blood type as you.

Doom snap

This allows one to snap their fingers at an inaudible rate to cause the organs of the victim to function incorrectly.


  • Depending on distance, the victim will be damaged. The closer to the victim, the more damage. This means that using this power next to the victim will cause a slow, painful death.


This allows one to change elements with their state of mind.


  • This ability can only be used as long as there is an element nearby that is noted on the periodic table of elements.
  • If attacked with a power that changes the brains status in any way, Materialisation is unusable.