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Theories Formatting

I spent a few good (but sick) hours cleaning up formatting for the various Theories pages. So, if you could, follow the following format (stated in Help:Theories):

  • State some citation from canon (either aired episodes or graphic novels released). After stating an example from this source (not an interpretation of the event), cite the occurrence. (eg. (Genesis) ). If there are no examples, simply put "None."
  • Use the templates {{plus}}, {{minus}}, and {{note}} (on a new line or with <br> in front of the tag) in notes to expand on the theory. If the point you're making doesn't help or hurt the theory, note it with the note tag. If you're refuting a previous point, such as the following, go to a new line and indent.
| [[Peter]] will no longer get the scar. || None. ||
{{plus}}It's possible that Peter received the scar in the timeline in which Claire was not saved.

:{{minus}}This would create a causality [[paradox]] for [[Future Hiro]]. 

This will yield a nicely indented, easy-to-follow argument:

Theory Citation Notes
Waffles are delicious. Hiro states they are delicious. (Distractions)

- Hiro's an idiot.

+ No, you're an idiot. Hiro's a genius.
Masi Oka is a genius, and he portrays Hiro.

Hope that helps for those looking to add theories. I get nit-picky about it since a) I used to compete nationally in debate and like structured arguments, and b) I spent a lot of time cleaning up the formatting.