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User:Billybob/Absolute alchemy

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Absolute alchemy
Held by: Edward Elric (if he was in heroes and was an evolved human), Billybob
Ability to: use Alchemy at full power

Absolute Alchemy is the exact thing as Alchemy, only more advanced

Limits to Absolute Alchemy

This ability is similar to Alchemy, But Billybob can utilize Alchemy to it's fullest potential. he can not only transmute the chemical composition of an item, but also it's physical properties, like solidity (versus liquid) or shape

Limits to other Absolute Powers

This ability addition only effects active powers, like telekinesis. It does not applie to passive poewers, like Rapid cell regeneration.


  • Matt Parkman's plain old Telepathy only allows the wielder to hear other people's thoughts, and eventually he will be able to send his thoughts to others. But with enough training, Matt can gain Absolute Telepathy, in which he would be able to completely control anyone's mind with a thought, not just the weak-minded.