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Evie Garland
Portrayed by Maureen Flannigan
First appearance Out of This World
In-story stats
Known ability Multiple alien abilities
Nickname Garrie
Home Marlowe, California
Occupation High school student

Evie is a half-human, half-alien girl who lives with her mother in Marlowe, California, in a house overlooking the sea.

Character History

Evie is an only child. Her mother had always told Evie that her father was a secret agent, but on her thirteenth birthday Evie began to develop supernatural abilities and it was revealed that her father is an extraterrestrial from the planet Antareus. Evie attends a school for gifted children (run by her mother) and achieves good grades there. Her father describes her as "the perfect child: loving; caring; with the same needs of most teenagers". The series follows Evie through her teenage years, from her thirteenth birthday in the first episode to her eighteenth birthday in the final episode.

Evolved Human Abilities

Evie is half alien on her father's side, which gives her various abilities:

  • Apparently, she has the teleporting and time stopping aspects of space-time manipulation.
  • As a result of her alien DNA, Evie's face changes color according to her mood. Trepidation causes her to turn green, boredom turns her orange, and nausea causes an array of polka dots to appear across her forehead.
  • At Evie's 16th birthday, her father gives her the choice between several new powers as a gift. Each one proves to be too much of a burden (such as "looking into someone's eyes and telling them to do something while thinking the word obey, and they would obey"); she ultimately chooses the power to "change shoes quickly".
  • Evie surprised her mother at a pool party by showing off her ability of animal control.
  • Evie can withstand temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Celsius, as she demonstrated at her eighteenth birthay party when her friend Peter attacked her with a flamethrower.
  • Evie later gains the power to gleep, which allows her to manifest objects by using the power of her mind. There are certain restrictions on this power, such as the inability to create complicated machinery, and overuse of this power will cause her other abilities to stop functioning.