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Alien abilities
Heatblast large.jpg
Held by: Ben 10
Evie Garland
Ability to: Have alien powers

If a person has alien abilities, also referred to as space powers, they can do whatever that species of life can do.


  • Evie Garland is half alien.
  • Ben Tennyson gained alien abilities through the omnitrix.


The limits of alien abilities depends on the alien.

Evie Garland

Evie's father is from the planet Antareus.

  • Apparently, she has the teleporting and time stopping aspects of space-time manipulation.
  • As a result of her alien DNA, Evie's face changes color according to her mood. Trepidation causes her to turn green, boredom turns her orange, and nausea causes an array of polka dots to appear across her forehead.
  • At Evie's 16th birthday, her father gives her the choice between several new powers as a gift. Each one proves to be too much of a burden (such as "looking into someone's eyes and telling them to do something while thinking the word obey, and they would obey"); she ultimately chooses the power to "change shoes quickly".
  • Evie surprised her mother at a pool party by showing off her ability of animal control.
  • Evie can withstand temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Celsius, as she demonstrated at her eighteenth birthay party when her friend Peter attacked her with a flamethrower.
  • Evie later gains the power to gleep, which allows her to manifest objects by using the power of her mind. There are certain restrictions on this power, such as the inability to create complicated machinery, and overuse of this power will cause her other abilities to stop functioning.

Ben 10

Ben gained a watch that gave him the ability to transform into over one million different species of alien lifeforms.

  • Diamondhead -skin made of durable crystal.
  • Heatblast -shown above. Pyrokinesis.
  • Ripjaws -an aquatic alien. Breathes and moves underwater.
  • Stinkfly -an insect alien. Wings grant him flight and can spit flammable toxins.
  • Ghostfreak -a ghost being. Flight, phasing, and can posess animals.
  • Grey matter -an alien that is only five inches. Enhanced memory and super intelligence
  • Fourarms -has four arms, each with the strength of twenty arms.
  • XLR8 -lacks strength, but makes up for it with extreme super speed.
  • Wildmutt -cannot speak, and has no eyes, but has every mammal instinct.
  • Upgrade -basiclly an organic machine. Can fuse with any piece of technology and control it.


  • Cannonbolt -covered in iron plating, is able to roll into a ball.
  • Eye Guy -an alien covered in eyes, each eye can fire a different laser beam.
  • Way Big -is seventy stories tall.
  • Upchuk -four strong, adhesive tongues that can stretch to great lengths.
  • Ditto -a cloner. The death of one clone will cause the death of the rest.
  • Wildvine -can merge with other plants. Can also grow to stretch his limbs great lengths or grow thorns.
  • Eon -a time manipulater

Ben 10:Alien Force

  • Chromastone -can shoot blasts of energy by absorbing light.
  • Echo Echo -can replicate himself. Each clone can create sonic screams.
  • Swampfire -has a combination of pyrokinesis and plant manipulation. Can also emit methane.
  • Jetray -a flying mantaray that fires neuroshock beams.
  • Humongousaur -an alien dinosaur. 'Nuff said.
  • Spidermonkey -a mixture of a monkey and a spider. Can shoots webs.
  • Big Chill -a flying alien that can phase throught solid, and has cryokinesis
  • Goop -a 200 pound green blob that can transform. Can also be acidic.
  • Brainstorm -a giant crab-like alien. Has super intelligence and can control electricity.
  • Alien X -the most powerful being in the universe. Can bend reality.
  • Lodestar -has the power to create magnetic fields, enabling him to repel and attract metallic objects.
  • Rath -has heightened aggression and decreased intelligence. He has super-human strength, agility, as well as a high degree of invulnerability. Has a claw that can create a shockwave.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • Water Hazard -tough, crustacean exoskeleton. Can manipulate moisture.
  • AmpFibian -an aquatic alien that can manipulate all forms of elecricity, which includes reading thoughts.
  • Armodrillo -armored skin and drills for arms that cause tremors, shock waves and earthquakes.
  • Terraspin -a giant tortoise that can spin and create humongous gusts of wind.
  • NRG -sapient radioactive energy trapped in an armored cage. Can fire built up blasts of energy.
  • ChamAlien -lizard-like anatomy. Can climb walls and turn invisible.


  • More coming soon