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Anthony and John
Wonder Twin Powers, Activate.
Nicknames Cairoi, "Tony and John" on ODI
Powers Breakfast Vision
Sex Male
Age legal ;)
Home Unexpected Heroes
Favorite Heroes quote Mohinder's narrations
Favorite episode Anthony: Homecoming / John: .07%
Favorite graphic novel The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei
Favorite actor Zachary Quinto
Favorite actress Sally Champlin/Ashley Crow
Favorite character Anthony: Peter, Isaac, Claire / John: Hiro, Matt, HRG
Least favorite character Maya, Caitlin
Favorite power Anthony: Precognition / John: Metal mimicry
Favorite comic book Anthony: Haunted Knight / John: The Sandman
Favorite video game Anthony: Kingdom Hearts / John: Chrono Cross
US I am from the United States

About Me

Anthony and John are dedicated fans of the NBC television show Heroes. They are at a level of nerdiness that most human beings cannot fathom. John was the first to find Heroes, and he converted Anthony once the first season appeared on DVD. Soon, they raised a small army of friends that gather every Monday to watch.


We were lucky enough to have the pleasure of interviewing Sally Champlin who plays Lynette of the Burnt Toast Diner via email.

External Links

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John's Facebook: [2]