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Just a random (and freakishly obsessive) Heroes fan.
US resident.
I write fanfiction and have an account on, with the username silverhelix428 if you feel like checking it out. I fail at figuring out LJ and do not have an account, despite the fact that it seems extremely beneficial when it comes to fic writing.

Favorite Characters

Favorite characters are:

Sylar is a great character, but has outlived his usefulness. I hope to see him gain his redemption in Brave New World, then be killed and die a hero.

In Denial

Daphne Millbrook isn't dead. She just isn't.

  • She can literally outrun time. She ought to be able to dodge a bullet!

I won't admit she's dead until Heroes is over, and even then, I'll keep hoping that somebody will do a remake in ten years or so... and fix it so that she lives!