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Ryan Covington
Ryan Covington (The World Entire).jpg
Portrayed by Chris Carmack
First appearance The Right Choice
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Johnny Boy Scout
Age 27
Occupation Agent of the Company

Ryan Covington is a version of Ryan Covington in the Exposed Future in The World Entire universe. He is a human and an agent with the Company stationed in Barstow, CA.

Character History

Volume One: Cataclysm

Ryan becomes an agent of the Company and is assigned by Angela Petrelli to be the reinstated Gabriel Gray's partner. In quick succession, he discovers that Gabriel is Angela's son, Elle Gray's husband, and the former serial killer Sylar. Ryan takes these revelations in stride, mentioning that a Special once helped him. Ryan and Gabriel are soon beckoned by Elle and her partner, Bess Detskij, for their first assignment. Ryan immediately takes a liking to Bess.

On their first assignment, Ryan helps his partners capture Cris Malmont and Doug Boros. In the scuffle, he gets his hand crystallized, requiring him to take regenerator blood; he specifically asks for Synthetic blood, hoping to leave some battle scars on his fist. While flirting with her, Bess makes her disinterest in him clear, despite Elle's conviction that they make a cute couple. The conversation is interrupted by the newly hired Audrey Hanson trying to take down "Sylar" by shooting him in the shoulder. After Elle electrifies her into the far wall, Ryan and Bess hold her at gunpoint until Angela can explain the situation.

Ryan is present at the Port Reyes Prison breakout, where he fights valiantly, notably winging a cryokinetic inmate and shooting another in the foot. After completing their assignment, both Ryan and Elle notice Gabriel's disappearance, and Ryan comforts Elle stating that he will be back soon.

Ryan is at the Hartsdale Facility as Angela readies her forces for Arthur's offensive. Ryan is most notably seen attempting to handcuff Piper Johanssen with great determination, which he finally accomplishes with a little help from Gabriel. Ryan is left to guard to her and Echo DeMille, though Piper later escapes.

Ryan is last seen attending Matt Parkman's agent training course.

Memorable Quotes

"Take-charge woman. That’s an attractive trait."
"She’s my wife."
"And you are a man in love. I meant the Russian."

- Ryan, Gabriel (The Right Choice)

See Also

  • For the canon version of this character in the present, see Ryan Covington.

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