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Creedog VanDrey
In-story stats
Known ability Alternate universe awareness
Formal name Christopher VanDrey
Age 25
Date of birth March 18, 1984
Home Savannah, Georgia
Occupations Heroes Wiki Member,
Fanfiction Writer
Significant other None as of now
Parents Wayne Vandrey,
Samantha VanDrey
Sibling Mark VanDrey
Other relatives Godeerc VanDrey (cousin),
Alexis VanDrey (sister-in-law)


Character History

Evolved Human Abilities

Christopher "Creedog" VanDrey has the innate ability to transverse alternate universes, similar to Space-time manipulation. While in the alternate universes, he is typically rendered invisible, intangible, and omniscient, able to watch events, but unable to interact. Alternate versions of himself within the universe do exist, though. He is inexplicably drawn to important events which result in major timeline splits.

Alternate Universes Visited

  • Exposed Future: Creedog followed Future Peter Petrelli and Present Peter Petrelli to an alternate future where the existence of Special humans is exposed and Pinehearst has produced enough Evolution shots to give half the world's population abilities. Hoping to trace the events that caused this universe, he goes back to the past, which he later dubs the Firefly Timeline.
  • Firefly Timeline: In the timeline where Nathan is shot but survives, Creedog is drawn to point in time where Sylar attacks Elle Bishop at Primatech, but does not disrupt her ability. She returns to attack him, but ends up being rehired by the Company, where she falls in love with Gabriel and has his son, Noah. This is the first part of the World Entire Timeline.
  • The World Entire Timeline: Creedog jumps ahead to what he calls the Cataclysm Volume, taking place between The Costa Verde Disaster on August 31, 2011, and the Ability Loss Epidemic occurring on September 11, 2011. This period documents the actions that results in the partial aversion of the Broken Earth Cataclysm.
  • The Progeny Volume: Creedog jumps again, this time fifteen months into the future, to the birth of Peter Petrelli's daughter. An mimic like her father, she absorbs his induced radioactivity and explodes in Odessa, Texas.
  • The Broken Timeline: Apart from the World Entire Timeline, Creedog also visited a timeline where Elle walks in on Arthur Petrelli and Gabriel Gray after Peter Petrelli had been thrown out of the Pinehearst window. Gabriel fixes her on the stop. Creedog also leapt back to a timeline where Elle returned after offering Trevor Zeitlan to Sylar, but she is unable to save him for the time. These events looped back into the normal timeline with no changes.
  • The Fanfiction Universe: Creedog has visited a time where his journeys are documented as fanfiction.
  • The TV Writer Universe: Creedog has visited another time where his journeys are produced as TV shows.

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