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The World Entire
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The World Entire is a fan fiction series written by Creedog VanDrey. It shows an alternate version of the events of Volume 3, especially the Exposed Future.


"The World Entire" universe is composed of three parts: "My Firefly", "The World Entire: Volume 1: Cataclysm", and "The World Entire: Volume 2: Progeny".

My Firefly

My Firefly is the prequel series to "The World Entire". It takes place in an alternate continuity after the events of Episode:The Butterfly Effect. Elle Bishop returns to Primatech Research to take vengeance against Sylar. Despite being unable to kill him with her power, Angela rehires her for her spirit. After three months of tormenting Gabriel, she falls in love with him. After making love, Elle ends up pregnant. The two of them marry and have the child, who they name Noah after Noah Bennet, and move to Costa Verde, where they live happily until the events in the Exposed Future seen in Episode:I Am Become Death. The story is told in flashback by Gabriel and Elle to the Peter Petrelli who has been dragged to the future by his future self.

The World Entire: Volume One: Cataclysm

Originally touted as a sequel to "My Firefly", The World Entire became a much longer series, and later was retroactively listed as "Volume One: Cataclysm", and "The World Entire" became the overarching name for the entire set of series. Unlike My Firefly, which was mostly a romance, this series is an action/adventure telling of the efforts to stop the Broken Earth Cataclysm by various factions. It takes place during the Exposed Future, from August 31, 2011, the date of the Costa Verde Disaster, to September 11, 2011, when the Cataclysm is partially averted. It features a flashback in almost every chapter. The series includes many characters, including current characters, past characters, Graphic Novel characters, and several original characters. Each chapter is prefaced by a Mohinder-like quote with a common theme of religion.

The World Entire: Volume Two: Progeny

Progeny is the second volume of The World Entire universe. The last chapter of Volume One teases with a single scene where Peter's daughter is born in a Primatech hospital in Odessa, Texas, on December 22, 2012. She appears to have empathic mimicry like her father and absorbs induced radioactivity from him. Peter attempts to teleport her away, but he does not do so quickly enough and part of Odessa is presumably destroyed.

The first five chapters rapidly move from 2012 to 2029, where the main action takes place. The Company is being run by the second generation of Heroes, and many of their children are employees. The main villains are the Sixers, a group of formidable, untouchable villains that the Company is struggling to contain. A secondary plot is the arrival of Hiro Nakamura and others from an alternate universe.


Being written during Volume Three, a number of non-canon issues arise.

  • Elle's loss of control of her ability does not occur. During My Firefly, she apparently has full control of her abilities.
  • Despite this, My Firefly bridges directly into The World Entire: Volume One, which takes the Exposed Future portions of "I Am Become Death" as canon.
  • Gabriel is assumed to be the biological son of Arthur and Angela Petrelli throughout the series.
  • The Formula is different. Called the "Formula compound" and the "Evolution shot", the liquid substance is noted to be colorless, not red. Hiro Nakamura laments it mundane appearance and Daphne mentions that the Pinehearst Company began coloring it to appeal to consumers. It does not require the catalyst to function properly. In addition, it appears to give natural evolved humans their original abilities.

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