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Frank Hornby
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced Accuracy.
Age 46
Date of birth 17/5/1963
Home Newark, NJ
Occupation Ex-soldier

Frank Hornby is an evolved human with the ability of Enhanced Accuracy. He was a soldier on the front line, fighting for the US marines; however after becoming a prisoner of war, he realised he had been betrayed. Whilst in captivity his ability manifested and used it to escape, returning to USA with a vengeance. Though after meeting Danko, he was persuaded to join Homeland security in taking down a new threat.

Character History

Frank left his parents at a young age and joining the army, excelled as a soldier. His dedication and commitment, however ruthless gained him a fearsome reputation. After being captured the marines failed with initial negotation and abandoned the soldier as they withdrew troops.

His attitude hardened whilst in prison and killed many of his captors as he escaped, heading for the USA with a score to settle. However he returned to meet the new head of the American Homeland security, a man called Emile Danko, who was impressed by him and offered him a part on his team. Danko told him they had killed his brother and parents and persuaded him to take revenge on this group of terrorists with special abilities, they were to be capturing. Frank agreed, though did not mention of his own power, instead joining in the hunt of his own kind.

Evolved Human Abilities

Frank has the ability to fire projectiles with incredible accuracy. He used this to kill his captors by throwing projectiles as much as 100 yards away, and unbeknown to him, assisted his success in the army.


  • Frank was tagged by the Company at a young age, and recently resurfaced onto their radar after he was discovered to be alive.