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All it takes is one giant leap, one jump across the horizon, to see the world's end and beyond. To reach the line which one man cannot is another task in mankind's everlasting struggle against hunger, depression, isolation; the very will to survive. An instinct is born, and it shall control your destiny, from your favourite film to your final battle. Each person must showcase their identity, be true to themselves, or else face eternal damnation in the eyes of the Lord. He is watching.


Story Development

Charles Deveaux's rooftop · Kaito Nakamura



Kaito looks over the side of the rooftop down to the streets below, when he hears footsteps coming up behind him. Turning around, he sees Angela in his eyesight, and demands to know what she wants. Without warning, Angela slaps Kaito, knocking him to the floor. Angry, Kaito vows revenge, and decides to show her how a real man messes with their child's life. He storms off, leaving Angela with a competition to face.

Memorable Quotes

"I bet you I can ruin Hiro's life quicker than you can ruin Nathan's."

- Kaito (to Angela)

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