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These theories are created by Nick and his friend Tom. They want the cast members or Tim Kring himself to see the page someday. One theory was made by J. Two theories were made by Ashley. Three theories were made by Alex. Four theories were made by Andy.

Nick, Tom, Andy, Alex, Ashley and J are main characters in Nick's story.

Theory Citations Notes
D.L. is Nathan's killer. None + D.L.'s body was never seen.
+ D.L. has killed before.
+ D.L.'s name stands for "Deadly and Lethal".
Linderman is still alive. None + Linderman is a healer.
+ Linderman survived the war.
+ D.L. is actually working with Linderman; could have been staged to look real.
+ Linderman is still alive.
+ Charles likes Linderman.
D.L. and Linderman are secretly working together. None + Linderman is still alive.
+ D.L. is still alive.
D.L. and Linderman are the same person. None + D.L.'s name stands for Daniel Linderman.
+ Linderman once entered a cloning facility, followed by plastic surgery.
D.L. is stalking Kensei in 1671. None + D.L.'s shadow can be seen at the Hidden Fortress.
+ D.L. is stalking Adam Monroe in the present timeline.
D.L. is stalking Adam Monroe in the present timeline. None + D.L. was stalking Kensei in 1671.
+ Adam Monroe once said "I'm being stalked by D.L. Hawkins." (The Butterfly Effect)
Nathan is not actually dead. None + D.L. may have spared his life.
+ Nathan is friends with D.L.
+ Told you so. (The Second Coming)
Mohinder is a man of war. None + Mohinder killed his father.
+ Mohinder tried killing Sylar.
+ Mohinder killed the Haitian in an alternate timeline.
+ Mohinder sacrificed Niki.
+ Mohinder kicked ass and chewed bubblegum at the docks - and he was all out of bubblegum. (War)
Matt, Nathan, Mohinder, D.L. and Linderman will team up to destroy the world. None + Mohinder was discovered to be a man of war.
+ Mohinder killed his father.
+ Matt and Mohinder live in the same apartment.
+ Matt and Bennet have worked together before.
+ D.L. and Linderman are currently working together.
+ Bennet and Mohinder are on the same team.
+ Nathan told the four to vote for him.
+ Matt is friends with everybody.
Matt is friends with everybody. None + Matt became friends with Nathan despite interrogating his mother multiple times.
+ Matt moved in with Mohinder.
+ Matt became Molly's guardian.
+ Matt helped D.L. and Niki.
+ Matt helped protect Bennet's daughter.
+ Matt helped Bennet's daughter.
+ Matt was offered more time on the Kaito murder case.
+ Matt, Ted and Hana chilled at a graveyard.
+ Matt's reputation preceeds him when it comes to Africa.
Mr. Muggles killed Nathan. None + Mr. Muggles can stand on his hind legs.
+ Mr. Muggles has used a gun before.
Mr. Muggles is a vampire. None + Mr. Muggles has drank blood in the past.
+ Mr. Muggles was not afraid of Sylar.
D.L. and the Haitian caused the explosion. None + D.L. and the Haitian had a fight in the same episode.
+ The fight caused an explosion.
Chandra caused everything. None + Chandra had a daughter, Shanti, starting the Shanti virus.
+ Chandra made Sylar into a serial killer.
+ Chandra is one of the Company's founders.
+ Chandra is Mohinder's father, who is giving everybody powers.
The virus was created by Linderman. None + Linderman was Adam's hero.
+ Linderman was bored.
Linderman was created by the virus. None + His beard contains traces of virus.
Linderman's beard is the key to everything. None + The founders started dying once they received a picture from a picture of Linderman without a beard.
+ Linderman's lack of beard during the Vietnam War cost people their lives.
Linderman's beard is actually Mr. Muggles. None + In Parasite, a "woof" is heard when he is talking.
+ Mr. Muggles tells Sandra that he was Linderman's beard.
Alejandro is Sylar. None + Sylar killed Alejandro.
Bob's fish is actually Strain 139 - a more powerful version of Strain 138. None + Bob's fish are rumoured to be main villains in volume three.
+ Bob owns them.
+ D.L. also has ownership of the fish.
There is a painting of Isaac punching a goat by Isaac. None + Matt has it.
+ It happened in .07%.
Charles Deveaux has inate coolness. None + Everybody thinks he's cool.
+ Charles disagreed with Linderman's plans, and now Linderman is dead.
Sylar gets his powers off eBay. None + Sylar's father is the owner of eBay.
+ Sylar has electronic data transception.
+ Sylar's father is Alejandro.
Mr. Petrelli is from an alternate dimension. None + Hiro caused a rift in the space-time continuum, which created Mr. Petrelli.
+ Linderman has knowledge of alternate dimensions.
+ D.L. created Petrelli's alternate dimension.
D.L.'s fist can kill the world. None + D.L. is stronger than Uluru.
+ D.L. can kill Mr. Muggles.
+ D.L. was imbued with the power of Linderman's beard.
+ D.L. can time travel and cause a rift in the space-time continuum.
+ The world has exploded twice already. (The Second Coming, .07%)
Alejandro is still alive. None + Sylar and Alejandro are the same person.
+ Alejandro is Sylar's father.
Sylar is the Haitian. None + The Haitian tried to kidnap Molly.
+ The Haitian wore a hat.
Linderman is the Haitian None + Linderman confirmed it in the episode Parasite.
+ Linderman and the Shanti virus are linked - the Haitian came down with the virus.
+ This would explain Linderman's beard.
+ This would also explain the Haitian's handsome features.
D.L. killed Linderman. None + This actually happened. Twice.
+ Bob is dead.
Alejandro works for Linderman. None + Alejandro is a mysterious character, who knows how to bend time and space.
+ Linderman respects Alejandro.
Adam is Linderman's disciple. None + Nathan knows this.
Nathan and Matt are great. None + Alejandro told Sylar about the two.
+ The Haitian was revealed to be Linderman thanks to Matt and Nathan's detective work.
Mohinder has a power to shoot lasers from his eyes. None + He heated up his coffee with his eye lasers.
+ Isaac painted a picture of Mohinder's laser eyes.
+ Peter is scared of Mohinder.
+ Matt hangs out with Mohinder.
Angela is the Haitian. None + The Haitian is everybody.
+ The Haitian is nobody.
+ The Haitian is somebody.
+ Angela probably possesses a power.
Angela has the power to look and speak French. None + She spoke French in Parasite.
+ She looks French.
+ Arthur admitted that Angela wears French clothes.
Angela has the power to generate hitmen. None + Angela made a hitman to assassinate Nathan.
+ Angela created The Haitianlindermansylarangela.
Angela has the power to slap Kaito. None + Angela slapped Kaito in One Giant Leap.
+ Angela slapped Kaito in Parasite.
+ Angela slapped Kaito in How to Stop an Exploding Man.
+ Kaito slapped Angela in Lizards.
+ Angela slapped Kaito in Truth & Consequences.
+ Angela slapped Kaito in Volume Three.
Kaito loves Mohinder. None + Mohinder has great hair.
Linderman can read minds. None + Linda thinks that Linderman can read her mind.
+ Angela once said "Linderman can read my mind".
+ Linderman himself admitted his mind reading abilities. (The Kindness of Strangers)
+ Linderman likes pot pie.
The Haitian is Alejandro. None + There is no evidence denying this, but there is a lot of evidence backing it up.
Mohinder killed Sylar. None + Sylar is dead.
+ Alejandro is Sylar.
+ Linderman loves pot pie.
Angela has the power to blurt out her power. None + Angela took one step, and immediately revealed her power in Genesis.
+ Kaito knows Angela.
+ D.L. wants to kill Angela.
Kaito is Uluru's father. None + Uluru once called his father "Kaito".
+ Uluru's father looks like George Takei.
+ Uluru's father played Sulu in Star Trek.
+ Usutu is not Uluru.
Hikes are important to the mythology of the series. None + Linderman once said "beautiful morning for a hike!".
+ D.L. hiked up Mount Everest.
+ Mohinder calls his right leg "hike".
+ Chandra died in a hiking accident.
+ Linderman's beard is Mount Everest.
Alejandro is Nathan's assassin. None + Alejandro punched a goat once in anger.
+ Alejandro is an anagram of assassin.
+ Herrera is an anagram of assassin.
Brian Davis is from the future. None + Brian wants people to call him "The Doctor".
+ Linderman knows a lot about pot pie.
+ In the dark future, Brian travels back in time to give himself a message. (Kindred)
+ Angela has a power.
Ando has the ability to be ignored. None + Peter didn't talk to Ando.
+ Hiro abandoned Ando at a bus station.
+ Hiro abandoned Ando in Japan.
+ Hiro abandoned Ando in the future.
+ Ando tried to abandon Hiro, but things took a turn for the worse, and Ando was ignored by Kaito instead.
+ Ando had a graphic novel called Ignoring Ando.
Mohinder likes coffee. None + He has made coffee. (Kindred)
+ Mohinder has not been asleep for five years in the dark future. (Five Years Gone)
+ Mohinder drank some coffee. (Kindred)
Alejandro was not killed by a knife but by a new, yet to be introduced character. None + This new character could be Nathan's assassin.
+ Alejandro is Nathan's assassin.
+ The new character is one of the 12 villains.
+ A knife cannot penetrate Alejandro's titanium skin.
+ Alejandro is alive.
D.L. hates money. None + D.L. shouted at Micah. (The Fix)
+ D.L. killed Linderman. (Landslide)
+ D.L. killed Linderman again. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
+ D.L. gave money away. (Godsend)
+ D.L. once said "money schmoney". (.07%)
Howard Lemay is the exterminator from Don't Look Back. None + Howard Lemay killed his family.
+ Mohinder and Howard know each other.
+ The Department of Homeland Security is actually a branch of Starbucks.
+ Starbucks is a branch of Yamagato.
+ Yamagato is part of the Company.
+ This was confirmed in the graphic novel Snapshots.
Ricky is still alive. None + Elle missed.
+ The charred corpse found was, in fact, Chandra's. (Fight or Flight)
+ Ricky is an evolved human from the future.
Tuko has the power to be Tuko. None + He is Tuko.
+ Will knows that Tuko is Tuko.
Wrestling is important in Heroes mythology. None + Bennet challenges Claire to a throwdown. (Collision)
+ D.L. shoulder-barges Micah. (Better Halves)
+ Micah watches some wrestling. (The Kindness of Strangers)
+ Monica does the 6-1-9. (The Kindness of Strangers)
+ Matt knows karate. (Powerless)
Tuko is D.L.'s brother. None + Tuko is D.L.'s brother. (.07%)
+ Tuko is an evolved human.
+ Tuko knows who Linderman is.
Kaito has empathic mimicry. None + Kaito time travelled. (Cautionary Tales)
+ Kaito turned invisible. (Company Man)
+ Kaito appeared out of nowhere. (Landslide)
+ Kaito healed. (Four Months Later...)
+ Kaito knows karate. (Powerless)
+ Sylar is Alejandro.
Everytime Linderman scratches his beard, people die. None + Isaac died.(.07%)
D.L. is the end of the world. None + D.L. painted a prophecy of himself destroying the world. (Genesis)
+ D.L. is friends with Matt.
+ D.L. is on Chandra's list.
+ D.L. lives in the center of the Earth.
+ D.L.'s laugh can be heard. (.07%)
D.L. killed all the villains at the exit of Level 5 as they escaped. None + D.L. ate a sandwich.
+ Linderman told D.L. that it was God's plan. (.07%)
+ Sylar knows karate. (Powerless)
+ Bob's dying words were "phasing... phasing to the max." (Fight or Flight)
+ This is an obvious reference to D.L. and his power.

+ D.L. invented fear, which is Knox's strength, which means that D.L. is Knox's creator.
+ D.L. can be seen stood behind Sylar, Noah and Elle in the same camera shot.
+ As Angela tells Elle that the people who have escaped are worse than Sylar, screams can be heard in the background.

+ Flint's limb flies into the scene mid-conversation.

+ D.L. has the ability to shoot lasers from his fingertips. (.07%)
+ The prophecies seen in Africa, the building at the docks, and on the Moon are actually of Flint's exploding head.
+ Chandra was spotted in a nearby airvent.
+ Mohinder does not like to be touched.
+ D.L. killed Knox. (Better Halves)
+ James Kyson Lee stated in an interview that D.L. will be returning in the second episode.

+ James Kyson Lee is not a liar.

+ D.L., Tuko and Ricky had a celebratory pint afterwards. (I Am Become Death)

+ It was aired. You saw it.
Linderman is a fan of chess. None + His favourite piece is the Bishop.
+ In the photo of the Company's Founders, he is seen holding a chess board.
+ Linderman's beard is a chess board.
+ Tuko knows Linderman.
+ At the Company christmas party, Linderman was dressed as a Rook.
The formula is the secret ingredient. None + Pot pie is made of it.
+ Alejandro gels his hair with this stuff.
Charles Deveaux is the "purveyor of ultimate power". None + When he smiled, fourteen billion people cried tears of joy.
Charles Deveaux owns the Declaration of Independence. None + The Declaration of Independence was stolen in 1671.
+ D.L. is working with Charles Deveaux.
+ Kensei was defending it, but D.L. killed him. (Company Man)
Charles Deveaux's power is the power of inate explosions. None + Charles Deveaux is the purveyor of ultimate power.
+ Charles Deveaux owns the Declaration of Independence.
+ Sin is Charles Deveaux.
Angela's fourth son is Usutu. None + There is a lot of evidence to back this up.
Usutu is not Uluru. None + Their names are different.
- Usutu is Uluru.
- D.L. is aware that Usutu is Uluru.
- Usutu is made of rock. (Seven Minutes to Midnight)
- When Matt is engaged in conversation with the turtle, "I am Uluru" can be heard in whispers.
- The prophecy on the rock is a picture of Uluru. Tim Kring later stated in an interview that this was in fact a self-portrait of Usutu.
- Linderman has "gone on the record" and said that the theory is true. (Five Years Gone)
D.L. killed Dr. Zimmerman. None + He has not yet made an appearance in the series. (.07%)
Isaac is always right. None + He has never been wrong. (Six Months Ago)
Charles Deveaux is the God of rock and roll. None + "God of rock and roll" is "Charles Deveaux" spelt backwards.
+ Have you seen his smile?
Future Mohinder is actually Chandra. None + There has been too much foreshadowing for this to be ignored.
+ Biologically, this cannot be incorrect.
+ If we use the theory of relativity, then it is unmistakeable that this theory is true. (The Eclipse, Part 1)
+ There has not been confirmation that this is false, so it has to be ruled in as a possibility.
D.L. is Maury's worst nightmare. None + D.L. is everybodys' worst nightmares.
Arthur Petrelli is dead. None + James Kyson Lee said in a recent interview "I'm not dead, but you know who is? Arthur Petrelli."
+ James Kyson Lee took a lie detector test while saying this, and passed with flying colours.
Bob is in Level 5. None + Chandra is cunning.
+ His most recent words were "I'm just going to check up on level 5".
Nathan does not take kindly to lies. None + Tuko has never lied to Nathan.
+ Bob did lie, and now he is dead.
+ D.L. stands for "Didn't Lie".
+ Nathan said "Lying... the Devil's game." (Godsend)
+ Tim Kring has stated that Volume Five will be called "Lies".
+ Adrian Pasdar will not be returning to this volume, but will be returning for Volume Six: "Truth".
Dr. Zimmerman has the ability of skeleton transplantation. None + He joked that his ability was a "boney issue". (The Kindness of Strangers)
+ He joked that his ability cost him "an arm and a leg".
+ Dr. Zimmerman joked to Tracy, "now you know why I always win Mouse Trap."
Matt Parkman has an unused ability to crush the universe with his right thumb (rightthumbuniversecrushingkinesis). None + It is a great party piece.
+ Matt hosts many parties.
Eric Doyle collects action figurines. None + Have you seen his Spider-Man action figure?
+ What about Kirk!?
+ Doyle's doorbell rings "I AM BANANAMAN!"
+ Doyle and Alejandro are possibly related.
Charles Deveaux likes BBQ on the weekend. None + He likes to eat hot dogs and hamburgers.
+ He is wild when it's Summer. You should see him.
+ His ability is rumoured to have something to do with meat - potentially cattle revival.
Chandra is mankind's resource. None + Chandra can turn air into water.
Chandra's desire for research has made him forgetful. None + Chandra ate birthday cake on his wedding anniversary.
+ While making chai, Chandra is seen cracking an egg into the mug.
+ This is not part of the recipe.

+ Chandra once hummed the "Wedding March" at a funeral.

+ And was subsequently thrown out.
+ But not before getting the DNA sample he needed.
+ Which he then put into his chai, because he forgot was DNA was used for.

+ Chandra accidentally drove into Niagara Falls, thinking it was a car wash.
+ Chandra bought Mohinder a "Happy 5th Birthday!" card... Mohinder was 25 at the time.
+ Chandra boiled a camera.
+ Chandra thought "pot roast" was slang for "ninja".

Chandra took down Pinehearst Industries. None + Try explaining why Arthur Petrelli is in that bed without using the word "Chandra". You can't.
+ Funding was cut in the last episode.
+ Chandra concluded that the entire industry was full of Sylars and detonated it with C4.
+ Chandra, with his extensive secret agent history, managed to infiltrate and hack into their most secure systems, uploading a virus and causing the entire industry to collapse in on itself like a neutron star.
+ The virus was entitled "Shanti Virus V2.0".

+ Chandra's genetics degree allowed him easy access to Arthur Petrelli, or "Arthur Petrelli's corpse" as it is now known.

Aron Malsky has the ability to turn oxygen into fire. None + Wherever Aron Malsky goes, oxygen burns.
Charles Deveaux can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + Charles Deveaux, being the God of rock and roll, can and has melted Arthur's face off with a face melting guitar solo.
+ Charles Deveaux has the same ability as Arthur, but without the physical contact element.
+ Charles Deveaux has pyrokinesis.
D.L. Hawkins can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + When Arthur hugged D.L., he was simply unaffected and ripped Arthur's head off.
+ D.L. uppercutted Arthur into the night sky.
+ D.L. was hiding underneath Arthur's bed, and was stood behind Flint in the same scene.
+ Nathan knows this.
+ It should be noted that D.L. was holding Flint together with his hands, as he had already been ripped apart by D.L. in a previous episode. (Kindred)
The Haitian can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + Arthur has no powers when he's around the Haitian. This is a legitimate theory.
+ No-one is allowed to touch The Haitian without special permission. Arthur touched him.
+ In the villains future, Arthur is nowhere to be seen, but the Haitian is everywhere. Coincidence?
Isaac Mendez can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + Isaac shouted "YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GONNA PAINT NEXT? YOUR DEATH!" to Arthur. (Season One)
+ Isaac does not take kindly to those with special abilities, including himself.
+ This explains his drug addiction.
Usutu can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + Usutu is the ace of spades.
+ Usutu has spirit walked before.
+ Usutu has outsmarted time travel.
+ Arthur has never been to Africa.
+ Usutu knows where Arthur lives.

+ Usutu painted Arthur in his own blood.

+ Symbolic.
+ The future has never been changed throughout Heroes, why should it change now?
Chandra Suresh can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + Chandra has never liked Pinehearst.
+ Pinehearst Research succussfully defeated Chennai University in roller hockey. There is a score to settle.
+ Arthur is scared.
Matt Parkman can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + Does Arthur have an ability to crush the universe with his right thumb? No.
+ Matt has Nathan on his side.
Daniel Linderman can defeat Arthur Petrelli. None + "YOU DON'T TRUST ME, ARTHUR? I'm HURT!" was the sentence that led to Arthur's death.
Volume Five will be called "Volume Five: Chandra". None + Tim Kring has confirmed the title.
+ Post-production has already finished.
+ The ending to Volume Four was evidence enough.
+ James Kyson Lee confirmed the title in an interview with HeroesWiki.
+ James Kyson Lee knows the difference between lies and truths - one he never says, and one he says all the time, respectively.

+ Erick Avari has signed on as a main character.

Linderman is an expert glass maker. None + We have no proof that he is not. (The Line)
+ Linderman once said "What can I say? Glass. It's what I do."
Usutu's painting of the "four villains" is actually of D.L., Matt, Charles and Chandra. None + Flint is dead.
+ Arthur is dead.
+ Knox is dead.
+ The unknown man has yet to be seen.
+ But he has been killed by D.L..

+ Mohinder killed Chandra, but he lives on.

Claire and Elle are in the hottest relationship ever. None + You would tap that.
+ James Kyson Lee is awesome.
+ That is not a lie.
+ And neither is the point of you tapping that. I mean, Claire and Elle already have. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

+ The relationship is so hot, it cannot be contained in one room.

+ Were it to end, it would end the Earth.
+ This might be the reason why the world ends in season three.
Chandra's research is correct. None + He wrote a second book - Deactivating Evolution.
+ Innocent until proven guilty. (.07%)
+ Adrenaline is NOT the answer.
If Maury and Bob entered a fight, Bob would win. None + Hand's down.
+ Maury is dead.
Matt's weeks get crazier every time. None + He said so himself. (Eris Quod Sum)
The Company founders will rise from the dead. None + Charles Deveaux owns the Declaration of Independence.
+ Arthur is Ando's brother.
+ Carlos has been seen several times over the course of the series. (Monsters)
+ D.L. is a company founder.
+ Flint is not alive.
+ Pinehearst is simply a thorn in Chandra's side.
+ The company photograph is from the future. (A Clear and Present Danger)
+ Nathan knows karate.
+ Glass makers have prophecised the return of Linderman.
+ Bob turned Maury into a gold statue.
The man who shot D.L. actually shot an impersonator of D.L.. None + It's the price you pay for impersonating D.L. against his permission - death.
+ D.L. killed the gunman immediately afterwards.
+ Since when does D.L. visit a club? (Four Months Ago...)
+ D.L. phased through the bullet anyway for laughs.
+ D.L. stands for "Destructive Lunge".
+ d.l.
+ D.L.
Villains is set in the future. None + It is set in the future. (.07%)
+ A series of villains' powers have already been displayed.
+ Villains will air in 2009.
+ Flint has strong connections to the space-time continuum.
D.L. decapitated Arthur in Africa. None + D.L. also decapitated Arthur in Hawaii.
+ D.L. is a metal mimic.
+ D.L. has a punch that can rip the sky asunder.
+ D.L. poisoned Angela.
+ The initial "L" may very well stand for "Leviathan".
+ This explains his metal mimicry.

+ D.L. can puncture solid diamond.
+ D.L. shot a man in Reno.
+ Chandra has the ability of expert navigation.

Chandra has the ability of expert navigation. None + Chandra once led a crew of twelve into the River Ganges - thirteen returned, and Chandra grew his missing right arm back.
+ Chandra has a map for a reason, and that reason is to NAVIGATE THE SEVEN SEAS.
+ There is a Jolly Rodger badge on his jacket lapel.<
+ Chandra once said to Sylar, "yarr, I be a pirate, and there be treasure at the Isla de Muerte."

+ James Kyson Lee stated that volume seven will be called "Pirates".

+ James Kyson Lee is a God amongst mortals.
+ Greg Grunberg has been recently sighted in a pirate costume wandering around Times Square.

+ Chandra once got lost to his house.

Nathan does not tolerate drugs and alcohol. None + Nathan drinks from the water cooler at every social event.
+ Nathan does not waste time with stuff like this.
+ Matt and Nathan have beers together.
+ If Nathan was a binge-drinker, how would he be able to melt plastic with his fingers?
+ Nathan has dignity.
+ Nathan said "I do not need dignity - dignity needs me".
Flint is. None + Is what?
Rocks are important in Heroes mythology. None + Usutu is made of rock.
+ Petrelli means "rock-like thing".
+ Uluru is made of sub-atomic rock.
+ Chandra can break rocks with his mind.
+ The future isn't set in stone, but is it set in rock? (Cold Wars)
Alejandro is the reason why Sylar is a killer. None + Alejandro is a part of the Spanish Inquisition.
+ Sylar is being hunted down by Matt Parkman.
Linderman is a fan of stairs. None + Linderman has stated that his new nickname is "Linderstairs". (Our Father)
Ando is the Catalyst. None + This is another legitimate theory.
+ Kaito "injected someone" whom he had access to when they were a child. While most would suspect Claire, given the Company Man episode, Ando was Hiro's childhood friend, so Kaito might have injected Ando then.
+ Future Ando has an ability - he possibly gave it to himself.
+ Future Ando works for Pinehearst. Why would he work for Pinehearst? Because he's the Catalyst they need.
+ Out of all the future sequences shown, only Future Ando's and Future Hiro's relate to the end of the world and the formula.
+ Claire is too obvious. Ando is not obvious.
+ They brought up the idea of the Catalyst, then revealed the answer in the same episode? Convenient.
D.L. is Flint's killer. None + D.L. has a reputation to maintain.
+ D.L. was seen talking to Flint, followed by bright lights.
+ As if Flint was losing control.
The eclipse is signalling the return of Tuko. None + This is an unexpected, subtle, and well-worked twist. (.07%)
+ The Wandering Rocks pub arc was never fully conluded, definitely indicating a possible return to it.
+ Tuko once said "eclipses are like my bread and butter." (Six Months Ago)
+ Ricky indicated in the war future that Tuko will make a reappearance.
Chandra is the Catalyst. None + Chandra has been known to be the "catalyst" of all the dark futures.
+ Mohinder, when talking about the catalyst, realised that, since he had killed Chandra, they were going to be facing an uphill battle.
+ This might be the inspiration for the volume three finalé, War.
Nathan can cure illness with his smile. None + Nathan once said "two million makes me a candidate in your pocket; four million makes me cure cancer."
+ Nathan then smiled afterwards, curing the common cold.

+ Arthur attempted to manipulate Nathan but, upon seeing his smile, immediately his argument was subdued.

+ Not only was the argument subdued, it was reversed.
+ Nathan also has the potential to have the same effect on the space-time continuum.
+ This explains the paradox.
D.L. is the Catalyst. None + D.L. is aware of Kaito.
+ D.L. once said "INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS!" (Destiny, Part 2)
+ Echo is a possible candidate for this role.
+ D.L. stands for "The Catalyst".
Matt is hunting down Knox. None + Future Matt knew Future Knox was outside his door - he let him live, this one time.
+ When Knox said that "no, that's not my fear, that's yours" to Matt and punched him through the chest, Matt absorbed Knox's ability and exploded his head with it.
+ Knox saw the future. In it, Matt exploded and killed Knox.
+ Matt was aware that Flint and Knox were hunting people down. He teleported himself straight into Knox's brain and left some dynamite there.
+ Knox thought he had figured Matt out - his motives, his way of life, even his thought process. How wrong he was. Not going into specifics, but all that was left was the middle of Knox's leg.
+ Volume Four is called "Matt Hunts Knox".
+ Matt can turn peoples' fear into an exploding duodenum.
Matt is capable of scoring with every single woman he meets. None + Daphne.
+ Elle (twice).
+ Claire (thrice).
+ Maya (once real, once through telepathy).
+ Maury was bad at this.
+ Tracy (once real, twice through phone sex).
+ Niki (twice real, once was with Tracy).
+ Barbara (see Elle and Tracy).
+ Audrey (car sex for the win).
+ Monica (fast food delivery).
+ Eden (she did not do any persuading - it was all Matt).
+ Candice (in both her hot forms).
+ Matt earned the nickname "Bipedal Charm Mechanism" in high school. (Four Months Later...)
+ Meredith (some cooking in that bedroom).
+ Hana (electronic communication was unneccessary).
+ Kimiko (oriental).
+ Victoria in 1977 (Matt time travelled for this hot piece of ass).
Linderman is a petty criminal. None + Linderman once 'did time' for speeding.
+ Linderman attempted to bribe the officer with $20,000,000.
+ The officer was Matt Parkman.
+ Linderman said that speeding was "hardly a crime".
+ Matt was not going to listen to Linderman's lies.

+ Linderman has an extensive history of tax evasion and gas station hold-ups.
+ Linderman was arrested for sucker punching a charity worker.
+ Linderman was locked up, charged with vandalising a rotisserie.
+ Linderman faced a life sentence for immigrating to Budapesh without any warning.
+ Linderman, in a moment of madness, gambled the Montecito Casino at the Montecito Casino. The outcome is unknown.

+ Linderman was seen on CCTV being taken into custody, busted, being thrown into the slammer.
9th Wonders! is actually a clever detailing of Mohinder's quest to kill everybody. None + Page 1 shows Mohinder ripping off Chandra's head. This happened in Seven Minutes to Midnight.
+ Page 2 shows Mohinder yanking out Knox's intestines. This happened in Eris Quod Sum.
+ The Haitian resurrected in the explosion future and travelled back in time to provide assistance.
+ Page 3 shows Mohinder exploding Flint's head. This came true in Powerless.
+ Page 4 shows Mohinder beating Arthur to death with his own skull. This came true in Genesis.
+ Page 5 shows Mohinder forcefeeding Isaac his own teeth. This came true in .07%.
+ Page 6 shows Mohinder absolutely murdering Ricky. This came true in Playing with Fire.
+ The contents page reveals the fate of Jesse.
The turtle is the key to defeat Arthur. None + Arthur sent Maury to deal with Matt after realising what Matt was carrying.
+ Arthur ran away from the seaside when he saw a turtle.
+ Arthur has a phobia regarding things that move slow.
+ Kaito knows Tai Kwon Do.
Bob's death was a tragedy. None + It was.
+ Linderman's face said it all. (The Fix)
+ Kaito wept.
+ We all did.
+ This is the catastrophe in season three.
Nathan is the eclipse. None + Nathan is "eclipse" in Eskimo.
+ When Nathan speaks, enough energy is given out to melt titanium.
+ When Nathan landed in the forest, he said "do not worry, for I am the eclipse." (Five Years Gone)
+ Samedi disintegrated.
+ This could have also been down to work from The Haitian.
Phasing grants D.L. eternal knowlege. None + Stephen Canfield shouted "PHASING... GIVES... ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE!" before sucking himself into a black hole.
+ D.L. can phase through religion.
+ AND faith.

+ D.L. knew about the eclipse effect in the pilot episode. (.07%)

D.L. has the power of metal mimicry. None + Danny Pine was magnetised to the wall of his cell and reported the problem to security. Two seconds later, security was reading his obituary.
Chandra's passion for research has made him competitive. None + Nirand tried to stop Chandra from doing his research. Chandra's response was to lift both fists in the air and say to him, in stern words, "I shall fight you on these streets, and you shall feel my unholy wrath."
+ Chandra lost to Francis in a game of chess. Subsequently, he burnt Francis's house down. (Checkmate)
+ Chandra wrote Activating Evolution, but hunted down and maimed every person that wrote a critical review about it.
+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.

+ Chandra once ate birthday cake on his wedding anniversary.
+ Chandra warned Arthur; "I know where you live."

+ Arthur was, in a twist of irony, paralyzed from these words.
Matt is hunting down Baron Samedi. None + Samedi said to Nathan, "I am scared of you... and your friend."
+ This is obviously referring to MAN.

+ Matt has already got him, explaining the mysterious fourth figure standing in the corn field.
+ Matt did not lose his powers. Not now. Not ever.

Linderman is a big fan of card games. None + Linderman said to Mohinder, "would you like to see a card trick? I know a trick or two."
+ Linderman's motto for life is "card in one hand... gun in the other."
+ Arthur is afraid of Linderman's self-dubbed "card mastery".
+ Mohinder said in the latest episode, "it wasn't the eclipse at all...".
Bob is the Catalyst. None + Echo knows this.
+ Bob is back in Haiti.
+ Bob's first word when he was born was "catalyst." (.07%)
+ Bob's fish is set to return.
+ Alejandro is Bob's son.
+ Bob has the ability of swimming.
+ Bob killed, tortured and absolutely destroyed those that stood before him.
+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.

+ Kaito gave Bob away. Kaito then whispered into Claude's ear, "Defend him with all your might, for he is... the Catalyst. The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse." (Don't Look Back)

Linderman's guard II is actually Linderman's past self. None + Linderman is from the war future.
+ Linderman declared himself to be a peace keeper - his past self is the exact opposite.
+ Linderman's guard II knows the truth about Linderman's guard I.
Usutu is the new writer and illustrator of 9th Wonders!. None + Usutu is dead.
+ Usutu is in hiding.
+ Usutu might be dead.
+ Usutu has always been the author of 9th Wonders, why change it now?
+ Usutu has been a main character since the prequel series, Heroes: The Prequel Series.
+ James Kyson Lee stated that Usutu will make his return in the webisodes.
+ James Kyson Lee is simply talented at what he does.
Kaito has the power to shoot mammoths out of his ear. None + He has shot mammoths out of his mouth before when alarmed.
+ Kaito is an evolved human, therefore he is destined to have an ability.
+ Kaito is a Company founder, so therefore he must an awesome ability.
+ Kaito owns Yamagato Industries. Yamagato means "Mammoth Mouth" in Swahili.
+ Kaito is invincible.
+ Kaito shot a man in Reno.
Kaito has the ability to increase his shoe sizes. None + Kaito has been known to wear clown shoes. (.07%)
+ No-one can explain Kaito's ability to wear massive shoes.
Kaito said "I wear... massive... shoes." (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
Kaito has the ability to manipulate his own age. None + Kaito beat Jack Sparrow to the Fountain of Youth. Jack Sparrow simply said, "I was defeated by the better man."
+ Kaito was seen as a 173-year-old baby adult. (Company Man)
+ Charles Deveaux explained this in extensive detail. (Destiny, Part 2)

+ Kaito is part of the Petrelli family tree.

+ Who isn't?
+ This accounts for one eighth of the Heroes cast.
Arthur Petrelli is an egg. None + Arthur said "Once you get through the albumen, all you get is the orange centre. Also known as the pleasure centre. This rhymes with leisure centre." (The Eclipse, Part 2)
+ This episode has not aired.
+ This explains everything.
+ They don't want us to know the truth.
+ Nathan hates lies.
+ Linderman confirmed this. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
Linderman is a cowboy. None + On the Company photograph, he had a grin.
+ Linderman has always wanted to be a cattle rustler.
+ Linderman could have used Charles' power to his advantage - meat revival.
+ Linderman and Charles set up a company called Meat Revival Ltd..
Linderman wanted to be a proctologist when he was older. None + He does not have a medical record.
Linderman is absolutely afraid of razors. None + When shaving once, he ducked for cover. (Collision)
Linderman refused to shave for charity.
+ Linderman went on a psychotic rampage, murdering everybody in the Company using nothing more than Bob's glasses.
+ Linderman absorbed Bob's ability.
+ Bob's ability is protein manipulation.
+ Now we know why Bob is such a handsome man.
+ This is also because he is the son of the Haitian.

+ Linderman refused to buy Gilette.

+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.
Chandra is known as the "muscle man". None + Chandra spent twenty years earning this hard-earned reputation.
+ Chandra's nickname in high school was "Chandra Sampson".
+ Chandra's nickname in college was "Chandra Freak-of-Nature". (The Hard Part)
+ Eric Doyle's doorbell rings "I AM BANANAMAN!"
The Haitian has the dual ability of handsomeness and impenetrable skin. None + This explains why the title War was changed to Duality. (Landslide)
+ Samedi said in a recent episode that he possesses telepathy. (Monsters)
Charles Deveaux has the ability of master fisherman. None + This would go hand-in-hand with his ability of cattle and meat projection.
+ Arthur felt defeat.
+ James Kyson Lee confirmed this in an interview.
+ James Kyson Lee is a stallion of a man, with the mind of a secret agent and the body of Brad Pitt meets Zachary Quinto.
+ James Kyson Lee also confirmed this in an interview.
Claude Rains has the ability to destroy everything. None + At the end of Volume Eight, Peter, glad the world was saved, was suddenly met with an incoming fist, followed by Claude saying, "you think you have an ability!? WATCH THIS!"
+ Alejandro is Alejandro.
+ Everybody within Pinehearst Industries was mercilessly beaten up by an invisible man. (Hiros)
+ Claude killed his best friend.
Nathan Petrelli knows that Arthur Petrelli was trying to kill him. None + Nathan tapped Arthur on his shoulder.
+ Nathan said to Arthur, "Killing me will not solve your problems." (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
+ Nathan kicked Arthur in the face.
+ Nathan then said "how do you like them apples?"

+ Linderman saw the aftermath's carnage. He was speechless. Utterly speechless.
+ The Haitian is not a fan of aftermaths.

The Haitian likes Angela's cooking. None + The Haitian said to Arthur and Angela, "I invited myself to dinner, because I thought it might be rude if I didn't."
+ He also said "Mmm-mm! That is some tasty jambalaya!" (Villains)
+ Linderman told Angela that his pot pies were nicer than Angela's cooking. He was then killed by D.L..
+ Claude killed his best friend.
Noah Bennet has the ability to recite an entire character's plotline, and then forget he did so. None + Bennet once said to the Haitian, "well, it's not as if you'll be working for some powerful matriarch, then end up getting a virus, only to be cured of that virus and wind up in Haiti fighting your brother." He then smiled.
+ Bennet said to Claire, "well, it's not as if you're the reason for saving the world because you're both the Catalyst and the other thing, the thing being that you need to live to stop Sylar from getting your power so that New York doesn't explode." He then smiled.
+ Bennet said to Matt, "well, it's not as if you'll end up chasing me around the world, followed by getting a guy who can make radiation in his hands, only to end up imprisoned with a quick escape, followed by fighting the serial killer at Kirby Plaza, just to get divorced, live with a geneticist, and take care of a girl who can see things anywhere that you saved twice from the same serial killer you shot at Kirby Plaza, only for you to have two telepathic battles with your father, just so that you have the chance to stop an immortal man from releasing the virus, so that you can be teleported by a future version of a friend into Africa, so that you can find out about a speedster you marry in the future whom you now plan to marry in the present." He then smiled.
+ Bennet said to Elle about Sylar, "well, it's not as if Gabriel will become a serial killer and go after my Claire Bear." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he will try and kill her at a social event at a high school." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt that, after we catch him again, he will kill one of our top agents and lock me in a prison." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he would escape and attack my family in their home, only to escape after me and my partner, who can erase minds, because you are traded for him, try to shoot him." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I sincerely doubt he will take the identity of both a genetics professor and a man called Zane Taylor just to get closer to the genetics professor, who is about to park up in his taxi right now, and try to get other people with abilities." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, he will not kill Isaac Mendez, the painter." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, there is hardly any chance that he will become the President of the United States by killing both Nathan and Candice in a post-apocalyptic future, and be stopped by the same genetics professor he tricked five years before." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, this future will simply be altered, and he is going to be stopped before he can kill that radioactive man, especially if the radioactive man is taken into captivity by the FBI." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt that he will try to blow up New York and fight his brother, who he does not know about yet, at Kirby Plaza, only to be stopped by a Japanese teleporter with his best friend's sword, only to make the teleporter teleport straight into 1671 where he will help a man who will release a deadly virus." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he will change the future himself by killing Candice earlier on than in the dark future, only to realise that he has the Shanti virus - the same strain as Niki Sanders - and stumble upon a jungle." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he will trick a Hispanic brother and sister and a Caucasian male, who he will kill later, only to end up killing the Hispanic brother after he finds out that Gabriel killed his own mother." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt that he will then seduce the Hispanic woman, break into the geneticist's house, kidnap Molly, take the geneticist, Molly and the Hispanic woman hostage, only to be attacked by you as he cures his strain of the virus." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt that he will then get back to my Claire Bear, take her ability, and then cause you to accidentally release the prisoners in Level 5 after he kills your father and taunts you." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt that, in another future, he will be a nice man who has a son, only for the son to get killed by a guy that he let run away in a bank after me and him were partnered up by Gabriel's mother, who is also Peter and Nathan's mother, resulting in him exploding in Costa Verde, killing 200,000 people." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he will then try to explain to Peter that he is on the path to redemption, only to get locked up again and killed and so forth, just to escape when he uses telekinesis to burst straight into some company called Pinehearst, which is rivalling our own company." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he will side with his father - who only pretended to have been killed by Angela after she poisoned him at a family dinner as the Haitian looked on after he invited himself." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt Hiro Nakamura will learn that you were involved in his creation." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt Gabriel will then meet you in a cell and learn that he can absorb other peoples' abilities, making this entire assignment mute." He then smiled. He continued, "And even if he does, I doubt he will then find you unbelievably attractive and, after losing his powers and getting his arm broken by me, will make out with you while I try and shoot him with a sniper rifle." He then smiled.
+ "But I doubt that's going to happen." He then smiled. (Villains)
The Haitian can make your brain explode. None + Charles Deveaux taught him this. (.07%)
+ The Haitian has already used this amazing trick... not once, but twice! (Distractions, Truth & Consequences, One of Us, One of Them)
+ Mohinder is good friends with The Haitian.
Linderman was a member of the Hell's Angels biker gang. None + This was a well-known secret.
+ There is a graphic novel dedicated to this. (Dog on the Highway)
+ Linderman once said "biker gangs are simply the icing on the cake, my friend." (Run!)
+ His ringtone is the sound of engines grunting.
+ Chandra has the same ringtone.

+ Kaito shares Linderman's passion - he is wearing leather trousers and a denim jacket with a snake embroided on it in the Company photo.
+ Maury disappeared after an encounter with Linderman's "crew".

+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury (this is a legitimate piece of evidence).
Bob is Mohinder's failed test subject at Pinehearst. None + Bob's final heard words were "I'm going over to Pinehearst for a conference".
+ Mohinder said to Matt, "Bob... he was a failed test subject of mine." (Unexpected)
+ Bob skipped lunch.
+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.

+ Mohinder does not like to dilly-dally.
+ The test subject is wearing a light brown blazer and round glasses, making it impossible to deny this theory.

Mohinder's kidnapping of the drug dealer was part of a C.I.A. investigation. None + Mohinder said "Hang on, wasn't my test subject a dealer? That's one more piece of scum off the streets".
+ Mohinder said to Nathan, "my card." He then flipped Nathan his card.
+ Mohinder beat the guy senseless.
+ He also did this to Flint.

+ Arthur does not like the C.I.A. in his joint - Mohinder does not care what Arthur thinks.
+ Flint plotted an unsuccessful coup d'etat against Arthur's leadership. Nevertheless he was able to gain premium medical care.
+ They found Mohinder's twin brother from an alternate future.
+ Will is believed to be a rogue C.I.A. agent.

Chandra has met Adam Monroe. None + This is impossible to confirm.
+ Chandra tore up the formula many times and stamped on it in a moment of madness on the sidewalk.
+ Chandra, exaserbated, shouted "ADAM MONROE! MEET ME!"
+ Chandra fell off the coffee table.
+ Chandra was the "cool kid" back in his early years.
+ Chandra's favourite song is "Killer Queen" by Queen.
+ Chandra rollerskates on an amateur level.
+ This has been confirmed.
Chandra's commitment to his research has made him forget common knowledge. None + Chandra rushed himself into A+E and demanded surgery for a bee sting on his wrist.
+ Chandra clumsily wandered onto Charles Deveaux's rooftop as Kaito prepared to give Claire to Noah, asking for an ice cream sundae with a flake in it.
+ Chandra uses champagne as shower gel.
+ Chandra used a corpse for a pillow.
+ When his wife asked for him to return to bed, Chandra simply asked, "what is a marriage?"
+ It took twenty-five years for Chandra to realise that aspirin wasn't a seasoning.
+ Chandra does not know what he was researching.
+ Or why, for that matter.
D.L. has the ability of dimension manipulation. None + Isaac shouted at Harry Fletcher, "YOU KNOW WHAT DIMENSION D.L. IS GOING TO MANIPULATE!? YOURS!" (Better Halves)
+ D.L. can travel outside the universe.
+ Explain how Flint died without using the words "D.L. travelled dimensions" somewhere in your sentence. Go ahead. Try. You'll just fail.
+ D.L. purposefully created a "mirror universe", where Arthur was submissive, Sylar was a good natured guy, Peter was a diabolical destroyer, and D.L. was the same.
+ Maury was still missing.
+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.
+ Linderman was an N.B.A. pro in this dimension.
+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Mirror Maury.

+ D.L. manipulated the dimension. You just didn't notice until it was too late and you were dead.
+ D.L. has contacts in several alternate dimensions.

+ Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies).
+ Eric Foreman (House).
+ James Doakes (Dexter).
+ Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica).
+ Matt Parkman (Mirror Heroes).
+ Randy Marsh (South Park).
+ Ray Carling (Life on Mars: The Original United Kingdom Version).
+ Stan Smith (American Dad!).
Matt Parkman has a secret stash of plutonium in his bedroom. None + Only women have entered Matt's bedroom, and they have certainly seen his plutonium. (One Giant Leap)
+ Matt cheekily stole this off "the force".
+ Matt needs the plutonium to charge his DeLorean. How else can he go 88 miles per hour!?
+ Arthur wants the plutonium - this will be difficult when his main enemies are Matt's friends.
+ Usutu is in hiding.
+ Arthur cannot think when it is cold.
Linderman has the ability of chemical reaction. None + Linderman said to Nathan "I come into contact with matter, and dissolves slowly into it. This gives off energy. My plan for New York was for me to be in the centre of the blast so I could absorb all the energy and become a higher power."
+ This explains all the faith and religion mumbo-jumbo we've been hearing lately.
+ When Linderman drank his hot coffee, his mouth started to set on fire.
+ Linderman's favourite zone in Sonic the Hedgehog was "Chemical Plant Zone".
+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.

+ Maury died in the New York explosion.
+ New York did not explode.
+ When Arthur grabbed Linderman, Linderman, in a sneaky escape, turned himself into a puddle of acid.
+ In an anonymous heist, Linderman managed to craftily avoid detection by the cameras, by morphing his body into gravy.
+ "PLUTONIUM!" Linderman yelled, "MY ONE WEAKNESS!"
+ Nathan said to Sylar, "Arthur is afraid of one thing, and one thing only... Linderman's ability to react chemically to anything involving chemicals or reactions. He's 'chemical reaction' defined." (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
+ Legend purports that...

+ Purports what?
The formula is in need of redevelopment, and Linderman possesses the fourth part. None + Linderman said he was willing to 'have a crack' at protecting it.
+ Linderman is an elusive figure.
+ Linderman's apparent mobster profile would be the perfect decoy.
+ Chandra was spotted in a nearby plant pot.
+ It is also rumoured that Linderman is the catalyst. If he has the third and fourth parts of the formula, then this would match Usutu's and Isaac's - but not Maury's - prophecy.
Nathan has the ability of truth detection. None + James Kyson Lee, a representative of truth himself, revealed this.
+ Nathan killed Arthur when Arthur said "Alejandro is insignificant."
+ Nathan said "Baron Samedi is just another obstacle on the truth path".
+ Knox said to Nathan, "You're afraid of me." Since Nathan's power didn't activate, this was clearly a lie.
+ When Bob said "Isaac's death will come back to haunt you", Nathan locked him up in Level 5.
D.L. has the ability of turning his body tissue into liquid nitrogen. None + Flint could be heard screaming from within the depths of Primatech Paper Co..
+ You might say they changed his name to Frozen.
+ Frozen Gordon, Jr..

+ D.L. froze a block of ice.

+ Impossible by our standards.

+ How do you explain the perfect circle of ice around his grave? D.L. is coming back.
+ It wasn't Sarah Connor who killed the T-1000 during Terminator 2: Judgement Day. It wasn't Sarah Connor at all.
+ Mohinder shared a casual beer with D.L..
+ D.L. stands for DeLorean.

Mohinder has the ability of immortality. None + Matt also possesses this ability.
+ "Ability"?
Kaito has the ability to turn oxygen into corrosive substance. None + Eric Doyle could be heard shouting "BLAARRRGHHHH-I-HAVE-MELTED!"
+ Kaito's Heroes Evolutions file state that his control index is ∞ and that his bloodstream does contain sulphuric acid in large amounts.
+ Kaito once said "There's too much blood in my acidstream".
+ Sylar once tried to get this ability, but lost his hand in the process. Whoopsi-daisy!
+ Kaito looked furious.
+ This explains the melted parts of the Company photograph.
Bob is Sylar's next target. None + Nathan said "And now he's coming after Bob."
+ Matt time travelled into the future and saw a deadly prophecy painted by Usutu depicting the final cataclysmic battle between the "Patriarch of the Bishops" and the "Watchmaker of the Grays".
+ Bob is at Pinehearst, Sylar is at Pinehearst.
+ Maury died at Pinehearst.

+ Knox said to Bob, "I bet you can't beat me in a fight."

+ This explains the mysterious disappearance of Maury.
+ It also explains The Haitian's handsome appearance.
Maury is the Catalyst. None + He has... mysteriously disappeared, with no explanation or trace. (Truth & Consequences)
+ Tuko can make molecules combust.
+ Trevor's ability has never been seen.
+ Charles Deveaux's power of cattle protection was useful in killing Maury.
Trevor has the ability to point at things and shout "DIE!", killing them instantly. None + Trevor is a mute.
+ James Kyson Lee confirmed this in an audio commentary.
+ James Kyson Lee knows that Hell hath no fury than a lie told by a handsome man.
+ Matt confirmed his kill of Trevor to the N.Y.P.D.. (.07%)
+ Bob was quick to hire Sparrow Redhouse into the Company.
Chandra's success at discovering the Genetic Code has led to moments of madness. None + What the hell does "gattaca" mean?
+ The helix is an x-ray of Chandra's broken leg when he dived into a swimming pool that had two inches of water in it.
+ Chandra, for a few minutes, thought he had turned invisible while waiting in line at the local Post Office.
+ Chandra believed he patented the old 'resting the pencil over the ear trick'. He sued the pencil company when he noticed other people did it.
+ Needless to say, he won the case.
+ This accounts for his success in developing the Chandra Formula.
+ Unrelated to the genetic modification formula.

+ Chandra thought beef jerky was intrinsic to his friendship with Nirand.

+ Needless to say, he won the case.

+ Chandra and Angela were once in an illicit affair.

+ This ended on a sour note.
+ Especially when Angela discovered that Chandra had another girlfriend.
+ Angela had affairs with everybody under the Sun.

+ Chandra deep fried his potato chips in liquid petroleum.

+ He claimed this was "to sweeten the honey pot, to sour the tongue."
+ It certainly did help in cooking the dish - it also helped in cooking the whole kitchen.
+ "WHOMPFH!" said Chandra, "That's the noise the kitchen made!"
+ Chandra emerged as a pile of ashes. Moments later, he entered the apartment and wondered what the burning smell was.
+ The fire department told him to "move, move, move!" Chandra thought this was a dance routine, and started to "get jiggy with it."
+ Mohinder looked horrified.
+ Chandra nudged Mohinder with his elbow and said, "you looked horriFRIED!" He then had a good chuckle.
+ Mohinder then let his Man of War persona take over, and threw Chandra into a chamber pot. On fire.
+ Chandra then entered the room and wondered what the commotion was about.
+ This is the opening of Volume Four: Chandra.
Charles Deveaux has the ability of meat psychosis. None + WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?
+ Chandra can fire eye lasers after eating Beef Wellington.
+ Linderman is an anagram of "explosive decompression psychosis."
+ Charles was bound to have a power with a name as awesome as "meat psychosis".
Linderman used to be a mailman after the war. None + Linderman is an anagram of "Red Mail NN".
+ Kaito met Linderman on his paper route. This evidence is highlighted in the annual Company Halloween photograph.
+ Every single newspaper ever seen in Heroes is actually a hint of Linderman's future return.
+ Linderman has the ability of secreting dognip.
Mohinder has the ability to absorb explosions. None + In Pinehearst, the lab was set completely alight but we never saw Mohinder leaving, yet he is alive and well.
+ Flint's death was not a coincidence.
+ Mohinder was alive in the explosion future despite being in Kirby Plaza at the time of 'detonation'.
+ Costa Verde did not kill 200,000 - only 199,999. Mohinder was in town.
+ Mohinder's great hair is explosion proof.
+ "Head and Shoulders," he smiled.
Chandra is the Final Cylon. None + Wrong show.
+ Tigh knew someone was missing.
+ Completely the wrong show.
+ Chandra's nickname in kindergarten was "The Last Cylon".
+ THIS IS DEFINITELY the wrong show.
+ This evidence would make Mohinder a Human-Cylon hybrid.
+ This may explain Mohinder's ability to destroy basestars.


Chandra's concentration on advanced genetics has made him forget the more basic biology he learnt. None + He thought 'reputation' was a bone in the arm.
+ Chandra chuckled, and said "that tickled my twelfth duodenum!" He meant to say "funny bone".
+ During a brain surgery, Chandra shouted "You're operating on the wrong end!". There surgeons were operating on the head side.
+ Chandra burst into an appendectomy and yelled "don't touch the eye!" He refused to correct his mistake even after being told what surgery it was.
>+ Chandra hosted his own plastic surgery - he removed his wristwatch.
+ Chandra does not know what his hand is for. (.07%)
+ The heart pumps blood a.k.a. "iced tea" in Chandra's world.
+ "The hip bone is connected to the... compact disc. The compact disc is connected to the... longitude. The longitude is connect to the... purple dinosaur. The purple dinosaur is connected to the... golf."
The title of the volume 'Fugitives' refers to the FBI and government. None + Nathan is setting a trap for the government.
+ The FBI are being hunted down by Matt Parkman.
+ Nathan and Matt were last seen high-fiving in front of an explosion. The results of this meeting are currently unknown.
+ Kaito has knowledge of the plan and fully supported it.
+ James Kyson Lee confirmed this in an interview.
+ James Kyson Lee is a unbreakable stalwart of a man.
D.L. Hawkins is the President of the United States. None + The President could phase in that dark future you saw. And had illusionary capabilities. Interesting, interesting. Did you also notice that D.L. was nowhere to be seen? Just a thought.
+ D.L. is a lava mimic.
+ Daniel Linderman is D.L.'s Secretary of Money.
+ Nathan Petrelli is the Secretary of Keeping the Scum Off the Streets.
+ Matt Parkman is the Secretary of Law and Order.
+ Adam Monroe is the Secretary of Everything Immortal.
+ D.L. employed Mohinder as Professor of Foreign Affairs.
+ The Haitian is the Speaker of the House.
Knox. None + Fox.
+ I can rhyme!
D.L. is Malsky's killer. None + Malsky was found mutilated in a ditch.
+ D.L. is Knox's killer.
+ D.L. sang "deck the halls with MALSKY'S BLOOD AND GUTS! Fa la la la la, HA HA HA HA."
+ Burning oxygen was found on the scene. Matt was quick to investigate and draw conclusions.
+ D.L. is good friends with Matt.
+ Malsky is from an alternate past.
+ Malsky is Maury's ally.
+ And D.L. hates allies.
Charles Deveaux has the ability of meat reversal. None + It would correlate with his death and resurrection. (A Clear and Present Danger)
+ Ando supercharged this ability.
+ You do not want to know the results.

+ Arthur was a victim of this.
+ Arthur has formed a third company.

+ Chandra is set to return in Cold Wars.
Alejandro has the ability of metal absorption. None + "KNIVES? PAH."
+ Remember that episode where Danny Pine tried to punch Alejandro but got absorbed? Yeah, yeah. Now it all makes sense, doesn't it?
+ Alejandro can gain energy from his own skin.
+ This is a bi-product of his main ability.

+ Sylar is Alejandro's half-brother.
+ Alejandro survived the war.

Christmas with Matt Parkman could be humanity's greatest moment. None + MAN's prosperity is higher than ever.
+ Mohinder and Matt met in November 2006. They were roommates by March 2007, meaning they spent Christmas together. IS THIS A COINCIDENCE, OR IS THIS FATE?
+ "Matt" is an anagram of "joy".
+ Janice used to love Christmas. What changed this? Matt. And her decision to divorce him. Which, by the way, is both ludicrous and insane.
+ Janice was caught red-handed by Matt Parkman.
+ Peter spent Christmas in a cell underground. Matt's doing, perhaps.
Linderman used to be a master potter in the 1960s. None + Linderman was in the Vietnam War.
+ Linderman looked up to the skies and yelled "POTTERY BARN! IT IS THE ONE THING THAT STANDS IN MY WAY!"
+ Linderman said "What I collect isn't art. A perfect moment captured in a pot."
Chandra, due to his extensive research into researching research, mistakes common words for made-up ones instead. None + Chandra tried to say 'the cat sat on the mat', but instead said "the flob sat on the axgregor."
+ He once said "cup of tea and a jargonmeister?"
+ Chandra said to Sylar, "Don't flingle, Sylar. I am here to offer my asncesist."
+ Chandra once said at a conference in Alabama "Glargle".
+ Chandra, realising that he left his research in the car, insanely rambled as he sprinted, "GOOGILY GOOGILY GOO!"
+ He was meant to say "Outta my way!"

+ Chandra called the Bible "ROAAAAARGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!"
+ Mohinder said to Chandra, "what the hell are you talking about?"

Flint is Knox. None + Mad theory. There are too many plusses backing this up.
+ They are never in the same scene.
+ They were in the same room.
+ Flint set Knox on fire.
+ Knox once said to Matt, "I have a sister."
+ Knox has more hair than Flint.
+ Flint is Arthur's favourite.
+ More evidence is essential.
+ The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding - in this case - is that they are one and the same.
+ Their powers have the same outcome.
+ Flint does not fear Knox.
+ Knox is inflammable.
+ Flint lost one of his senses.
+ Flint is a target of Matt Parkman.
+ Knox knows when to run away.
+ Knox's preference is cobbled countryside roads, whereas Flint likes fresh tarmac.
Danko has the ability to move planets. None + D.A.N.K.O. is the top secret project of N.A.S.A..
+ Danko said to Micah, "You see Mars over there? HUA!" Mars suddenly moved backwards ten meters.
+ Danko arrested himself, followed by interrogation.
+ Flint cannot fathom the space-time continuum.
+ Danko and Chandra are connected.
+ The train wreck was not an accident.
+ Danko is able to bend steel bars with his sexy legs.
D.L. is set to return. None + The frequent appearances of the Symbol are actually bloodstains left by D.L.'s constant supply of victims.
+ D.L. is Arthur's killer.
+ D.L. can shapeshift. (.07%)
+ Maury is the next target on the D.L. list (i.e. Death List list).
+ Matt painted the future, and what he saw was glorious.
+ D.L., Mohinder, Matt and Nathan can drink anyone under the table, even Zeus.
Nathan knows how to tell a good joke. None + Nathan said to Claire, "What has two doors... and no way out?"
+ "... FUDGE."

+ Nathan can kick doors down without doing a thing, so imagine the potential in his joke telling.
+ Nathan shot the sheriff, but did he shoot the deputy?

+ Yes.
Samson Gray is Isaac's father. None + James Kyson Lee confirmed this in an interview.
+ Men cannot even hope to become on the same level as James Kyson Lee - he is that much of a man.

+ Bennet is a shifty character, he probably knew this all along.
+ We do not know Sylar's father, only that it was not Samson.
+ Isaac has numerous abilities. Explain THAT.

+ Including lethal injection.
Knox is alive. None + This was proven when Future Tuko came back in time to destroy Uluru. (Exposed)
+ When did he die?
+ If you look closely, you'll notice that he was rebuilt by the person we least expected.
+ Flint.
+ They are the same person. Impossible.
+ But brothers as well.
+ From alternate timelines.
Mohinder founded Project Icarus. None + D.L. is a major shareholder in it.
+ Mohinder hates stupid people.
+ Kaito loves Mohinder.
+ When Matt released Adam from his coffin, Adam said "Project Icarus is ready?"
+ Matt is tracking down Knox's killer.
+ Mohinder knows the secret recipe.
+ Alejandro is rumoured to be returning for the season finalé - with a new but bothersome ability.
+ Egg manipulation.
Charles Deveaux has the ability of meat removal. None + Charles can fly into space.
+ Charles is an excellent American footballer.
+ Chandra thought that Valentine's Day was a piece of machinery.
+ Chandra believed humans evolved from Gandhi.
Danko is still alive. None + He has a fondness for Italian cuisine.
+ Ando is aware of his presence.
+ James Kyson Lee confirmed this in an interview.
+ James Kyson Lee can crush a beer can with his thumb.
D.L. has the ability of ghost creation. None + At the carnival, D.L. spooked several customers.
+ D.L. has phasing - he is the ghost.
+ Spooky, scary!
Ando and Samuel are blood brothers. None + THE CARNIVAL.
+ Samuel is a sexual beast.
+ Hiro may have altered time, but he did not alter Ando.
+ Nor his blood.
+ Nor his blood brother.

+ Ando has acid blood.
+ Danko fought the law, and the law won.
+ Danko is dead.
+ Nathan said "all is fair in love and war when Samuel and Ando are blood brothers." (Four Months Ago...)
+ Nathan is awesome.
+ Nathan has beer.

Mohinder is spending time in Alcatraz. None + Recreationally.
Sendhil Ramamurthy is rumoured to be cast as Mohinder Suresh. None + Greg Grunberg is best friends with Dulé Hill, whom confirmed it in casual conversation during Psych.
+ Greg Grunberg is friends with everybody.
+ When asked what his father had to say about his new role, Sendhil simply replied, "why don't you ask him yourself? He's on the table."
D.L. will return to kill Maury. None + Kaito knows krav magra.
+ Linderman confirmed it in .07%.
Bennet loves cereal. None + He eats corn flakes. (Orientation)
+ He is hunting down the "cereal killer" Sylar.
+ Bennet admitted he would "crunch" down on his work.
+ When a neighbour said "bye", Bennet said "cheerios!"
+ When Bennet was accused of being a fake he replied "I ain't no rice krispie".
+ One day, when he was at the age of fifteen, competing to do the 100m sprint for his sports day at high school, his teacher asked if he was ready. He said "yes". His teacher said "are you quick?" Bennet responded thusly, "I ain't just quick - I'm nesquick."
+ Bennet is extremely proud his body and is certainly not afraid to flaunt it.
+ He was heard saying "look at these gams".
The carnival is a ruse. None + Linderman stated this.
+ If you listen closely to the most recent episode, you can hear Isaac hum the lyrics, "ruse, ruse, electric ruse..."
+ The hall of mirrors ALONE.
+ Officer Lubbock has an awesome moustache.
+ Officer Lubbock is Gus' father in season two of Psych.
+ Officer Lubbock is awesome.
Officer Lubbock is a behemoth of a man. None + His chest could stop a tank.
+ He absorbs electricity.
+ He can crush a ripe pear between his buttocks.
+ James Kyson Lee confirmed this in an interview.
+ James Kyson Lee can do one thousand sit-ups.
+ James Kyson Lee can bench press an ox.
D.L. is a killer. None + All deaths are at the hands of this murderer.
+ Maury is dead and D.L. remains alive.
+ Arthur's last words were, "Pinehearst may be gone, but you cannot spell 'we're all going to die' without D.L.". (Kindred)
+ D.L. is just... AAAAH! Too awesome.
Nathan knows where the real Danko is being kept. None + In Mohinder's basement, awaiting interrogation.
Chandra is the Angel of Death. None + He might not be.
+ He might be.
+ Who knows?
+ Et tu, Chandra?
+ You tell me.
+ Quit the pillow talk.
+ No.
+ ET TU?
+ Oui.
+ Alright. (A Clear and Present Danger)
+ Next theory.
Kaito is set to return. None + He knows how to cut bread.
+ He is rumoured to have an ability.
+ When Nathan travelled back in time to save Kaito from imminent death at the hands of Eric Thompson, Kaito specifically said to Nathan, "I will be back before the carnival ends." Nathan, knowing Kaito extremely well from their time fighting the law, simply nodded and flew off. Kaito and Thompson had their final battle, resulting in the destruction of fourteen states.
+ Ando has a plan in the making. And it involves slapping Kimiko's ass.
+ Kaito's confirmed ability allowed him to see the most likely path. This was his successful and prosperous life.
+ Who let the dogs out?
+ Kaito.
+ Oh, yeah.
Bob is set to return. None + Bob, before he died, said "I'll be right back."
+ He once turned a man into gold. A MAN. INTO GOLD.
+ Well, if the Company is being reborn, then surely Bob will just... take the helm, right?
+ In .07% he put on a crown and claimed to be Midas.
Mohinder hates punk rock. None + Chandra thought a Blueberry was a car.
+ When told that it wasn't, he apologised for taking a bite out of his neighbour's Volvo.
+ When asked why he did this, he explained he was "feeling a bit peckish" and "wanted a late night snack."