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I have been known to step on a cockroach or two. I have been known to swat flies, and destroy spiders with a single newspaper. But there are some parasites that cannot be killed with these means. Serial killers are one, and I am another. The world is full of invincible beings, far and wide, known and unknown, but the ultimate die is cast, and those that are invincible shall face their judgement, leading to the impossible.


Story Development

Charles Deveaux's rooftop · Explosion · Pie



In a kitchen, the mobster Linderman mutters to himself about the explosion and glass making, when he accidentally knocks a frying pan onto the floor. Cursing himself, he kneels down to pick it up, when he hears a faint "woof" eminate from his beard. Linderman becomes confused, looking around to figure out where the noise came from, but concludes that it was simply the neighbour kids outside. He soon returns to cooking his favourite dish.

Angela and Claire walk into the living room of the mansion, when Angela suddenly rattles off an entire monologue, but in French, confusing Claire as she can only speak English. Angela apologises, but that too is said in French. Soon, Angela realises that she can only speak French, having forgotten the entire English language. Angela quickly storms out of the room, saying in French that she has "one man to blame" for this. Claire sits down and sighs.

Nathan is brought down to the kitchen by a guard, when he meets with Linderman, whom is still confused and trying to figure out where the noise came from. He relents, however, when he sees Nathan, and tells him that he has a secret he must share with him. Although Nathan does not want to hear any more secrets, Linderman reminds him of the Haitian. Nathan confirms that he has met the Haitian, as he was kidnapped by him once, when Linderman reveals the shocking truth about himself - he is the Haitian. Nathan's face drops.

Arriving on the rooftop, Angela meets with her former colleague, Kaito, whom demands to know why Angela brought him to the roof on this day. Angela takes a few steps forward, and slaps Kaito, knocking him to the floor. Kaito calls Angela crazy, and vows revenge. Angela tells Kaito, in French, that he already has his revenge. Kaito, unable to understand Angela, tells her that he will ready an army to bring her down. He calmly walks away from Angela, leaving her worried for her life.

Memorable Quotes

"What? What was that noise? Did somebody say something? What, what? What?"

- Linderman

"You slapped me? Nobody slaps me."

- Kaito

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