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Electricity levitating.JPG
He is powerful, and dangerous as well.
Portrayed by You got the real deal right here!
Nickname hsdfhsdfgsdhdsfhsdfhsdfh
Powers Electrokinesis
Alias Bluearc
Sex Male
Age 17
Date of birth 9/10/92
Home Rhode Island
Occupation DHS fugitive
Favorite Heroes quote "Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?"
Favorite quote "RACK!"
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode Five years gone
Favorite graphic novel Heroes, x-men, marvel, DC...
Favorite actor Anthony Anderson
Favorite actress Ali Larter
Favorite Heroes actor Robert Forster
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Favorite character Peter
Least favorite character Maya
Favorite power Power copying
Favorite impersonator Sylar
Favorite fruit Bananas
Favorite sport Fencing
Favorite magazine MAD
US I am from the United States

This was my favorite show. Too bad it's gone for good, though I would like to see a movie.