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Elemental manipulation
E.M. using his abilities simultaneously.
Originally held by: Elemental Manipulator (Emmett's father)
Absorbed by: Emmett Marks (Elemental Manipulator (II))
Ability to: Manipulate and mimic natural elements.

Elemental manipulation is the ability to manipulate and mimic the properties of natural elements - including fire, water, earth, air, metal and electricity.



Emmett's father

It is unknown what Emmett's father could achieve with his ability, but he was able to entertain his infant son by colouring fire with different minerals.

Emmett Marks

E.M. posseses the ability to manipulate natural elements. Through his ability, he can use Air manipulation, Water manipulation, Earth manipulation, Fire manipulation, Electric manipulation and Metal manipulation.

Since he first discovered his ability, E.M. has become extremely adept at using it and has increased what he can achieve with each element.

Air abilities

Through Air Manipulation, E.M. can also use:

  • Air mimicry/Invisibility
  • Object levitation
  • Flight
  • Gas manipulation

Water abilities

Through Water Manipulation, E.M. can also use:

  • Freezing/Ice manipulation
  • Water mimicry/Ice mimicry
  • Underwater breathing
  • Liquid manipulation

Earth abilities

Through Earth Manipulation, E.M. can also use:

  • Earth mimicry
  • Healing (we're all made of organic substances aren't we?)
  • Sand manipulation/Sand mimicry
  • Solid manipulation

Fire abilities

Through Fire Manipulation, E.M. can also use:

  • Fire mimicry
  • Melting (through heat)
  • Phasing (by superheating his molecules he is able to partially separate them and phase through objects)

Electric abilities

Through Electric Manipulation, E.M. can also use:

  • Electric mimicry
  • Electric absorbtion
  • Super speed (exciting electrons causes a boost in motion)
  • Enhanced reflexes (see above)

Metal abilities

Through Metal Manipulation, E.M. can also use:

  • Metal mimicry
  • Alchemy
  • Impenetrable skin
  • Magnetism