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Powers The power to convince others that Heroes is awesome.
Sex Male
Age 15
Date of birth 1993
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote When Peter yells at Isaac in season one and it has that powerful edge to it because of that sound effect: "Don't LIE TO ME!" Good stuff.
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode I Am Become Death
Favorite graphic novel Resistance
Favorite actress Megan Fox
Favorite Heroes actor Masi Oka
Favorite Heroes actress Brea Grant
Favorite character Sylar or Daphne
Least favorite character I'm starting to like Peter more now. He's more badass than whiney. I officially dislike HRG. How can anyone like that guy? Sure he is hard out and a great character, but he's a psycho. I think it's clear what he thinks about posthumans.
Favorite power Empathic mimicry

Me and my friend made posters for a Heroes fanfic I'm writing. I was the main character, he was the main character's friend. It's called Heroes: Legacies, except I can't get the pics on here because I don't know how (plus I don't want to be sued if they can sue for that sort of thing).