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User:Gabriel Bishop/Dr Who And The Battle Of Callufrax Minor

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Dr Who And The Battle Of Callufrax Minor
Dalek and Doctor attack on Telos.jpg
This could be the end

Dr Who And The Battle Of Callafrux Minor is a 3 parter story written by Gabriel Bishop about the BBC series Doctor Who.


Callafrux Minor, A mysterious planet took by Davros as one of the 27 planets but moved back by The Doctor. Now Hundreds of years later someone has found the planet once again. The Doctor finds himself landing on Earth in the year 2009 were he finds the Torchwood 3 team defeat a army of weevil's. The Doctor lets them have a trip in the tardis as the end up in the year 5,000,000,056. The Doctor and Crew meet Brannigan who tells the doctor of the destruction of DeltaMaicin a planet whose inhabitants were peaceful, He then tells them it was the Daleks. The Doctor then preceds to Skaro to find out The Daleks next tactic until they find that a war between The Cybermen and Daleks is emerging. Will The Doctor and Torchwood find out what's happening on Callufrax Minor and what are The Cybermen planning to do with a Delta Wave.

Memorable Quotes

"21st century is when it all happens, You gotta be ready. What does that mean ? No idea but it sounds great" (Captian Jack Harkness to The Doctor)


  • The Doctor and Torchwood lands in the dalek and cybermen timeline which means this is set before the time war. The time in the Classic Series.